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/fa/ thinks "old money" means literally anyone not wearing a patent leather suit with GUCCI GUCCI GUCCI in 10 inch neon letters

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the funny thing about the 'old money' trend is that the dorks who suddenly started chasing it are so close but so far
they seem to follow a trend that appeals to 'timelessness' but still lets them have an air of superiority (even if it is h&m poly pants and a blended long sleeve polo)
they are clearly tired of the week-long trend cycle, the absurd price increases in designer fashion but rather than openly admit it, or just wear what they like, these idiots try to larp as billionaires because a bunch of literal idiots on Facebook wouldnt stop pushing the 'real wealth whispers....' 'REAL rich people drive Camrys and threadbare LL Bean fleeces' memes and they simply cannot give up basing their entire personality around a fleeting 'core'

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lmao she is not old money, that's a model you idiot. That's how the wealthy are portrayed on film. Have you seen old money families? It's easy to google them. They look like shit.

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Haha this girl is ai theres a whole set of her (:

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>he doesn't know about the old money aesthetic
get on with the times, boomer

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>old money armpit smells

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Just go to a college where old money sends their children. Their children have weird looking faces unless they get surgery fillers on their face

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Youre overthinking it anon

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Old money didn’t send their children to college.