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Why are button up shirts so uncomfortable? It feels like I’m suffocating even when I wear one by itself and I sweat so much more on them than normal t shirts. This is what keeps me away from switching exclusively to them due to how shit they feel. I’m not using polyester, I use 100% cotton shirts. What’s a good alternative that is comfy but aren’t polos, or maybe different material.

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Works on my machine.

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install gentoo

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>It feels like I’m suffocating
stop slouching.

>and I sweat so much more on them than normal t shirts
you probably got one of those never-iron shirts impregnated with teflon.

>I use 100% cotton shirts
make sure they're not never-iron and pay attention to weave.
consider pima or madras cotton.
consider linen on a hot day.

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>stop slouching.
oh and make sure the neck hole is sized correctly for your neck too i guess
but seriously tense that core and straighten that back if you want to do up the top button.

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>stop slouching
I dont slouch when I’m out
>you got one of those never iron
I didn’t, they’re 100% cotton like I said. Maybe it’s the weave, but i don’t know. Also another point I didn’t bring up is that it pisses me off having to actually iron them, more effort to do for inferior comfortability.
>consider linen
In my experience with linen garments, they’re not much better than cotton in terms of breathability, they’re 50% lighter sure, but it’s not a magical solution.

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Sounds like you are fat and unhealthy. Lose weight fatso. I wear button-down shirts in the summer when its over 100F, full sleeves and black slacks.

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I’m flat as a plank. My bmi is 21

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Dont buy slim fit

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>In my experience with linen garments, they’re not much better than cotton in terms of breathability
this is counter to my experience, i find the difference to be night and day.

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>My bmi is 21
my bmi is also 21 and im a fat fuck
lose weight fatty

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Fat status starts at 25 bmi. You may have it wrong or you have body dysmorphia
You may be right anon, that might be it. I buy shirts slim fit.
Linen feels really good, but it isn’t the end all be all

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fat status starts at 20

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Either anxiety because you aren't confident enough to wear one.
Or you're fat and they don't fit well and you need to lose weight.

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i can only imagine what fat braindead zoomer made an entire thread complaining about one of the most popular widely worn shirts of all time

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What is it with deadbeat milennial retards always malding about our generation? Keep seething that we have it better than you, faggot

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Ill be laughing when you are the first ones who get drafted in the war the boomers are starting.

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Cope and projection from being one of the ones tricked into war in the 2000s. You know damn well our generation aren’t a bunch of zog retards who jump into the first chance to get exploded in a desert. Our generation ends wars, meanwhile you suck goldstein boomers off gladly. Milennial fags are pathetic people and poor too.

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There are different shirts for different seasons, see that you wear the right one. And the right size and cut for you.

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Imagine getting filtered by shirts

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Dang ol' button-up shirts, man. I tell you what, they can be a real pain. But hey, don't you go frettin' none about it. There's always another way to skin that dang ol' cat.

Y'see, I ain't no expert on fashion, but I know a comfy shirt when I wear one. And let me tell you, button-up shirts ain't always the comfiest. They can be stiff and scratchy, and they can make you sweat like a dang ol' pig in a blanket.

But here's the thing, man; there's a whole world of other shirts out there just waitin' to be worn. You got your T-shirts, your polos, your henleys, and even your dang ol' Hawaiian shirts.

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Avoid non-iron material

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You're buying the wrong shirts in the wrong size and you're probably overweight.

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Wear them everyday until you become one with them also pure cotton or cotton linen blend

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They are the most comfortable lol just don't button the top or top two in some cases.

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I love slim fit except for when I flex my lats sometimes I feel like the shirt could pop.

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because you keep buying cheap shirts

brooks brothers OCBD as a minimum