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Where do zoomers even wear these outfits?
What do zoomers leave the house for, what do they do for fun?
Last I checked, IRL subculture and social gatherings are dead.
Surely it's not all just to post on TikTok and Instagram, right?

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It looks like they are going to a rave

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Wasn't that a bladee concert

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yep drain gang playing at the knockdown center in queens

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Why are zoomers so ugly? Or is it just Americans?

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They are the most beautiful generation ever born, wtf is wrong with you?

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is that it? just concerts and raves?

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god, how can someone be so fucking disconnected from reality? do YOU even leave your house, op? for fuck's sake

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All I did at that age was go to bars/clubs and get blackout drunk

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Is this a sematary concert everyone looks terrible

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the more extreme alt/emo etc fits primarily concerts yeah, its not like early 2000s where'd they'd just be hanging around the mall

less extreme but still dressed up stuff, isn't uncommon just for cliquey social get togethers like for the bar or clubs

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of course a /fa/ user has to ask this, they are precisely the type of person to not have friends and never get invited to anything

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The least surprising information I’ve ever heard

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Events. you havent had to dress up for much at all since your last prostate exam, have you anon?

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self expression retard? literally the point of fashion in the first place

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When it was the last time you went outside? Holy fuck

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The answer to all of these is kpop concerts.
Out of all the zoomers I know or am related to, these are the only consistent social outings they go to.

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What are they trying to express? Autism? LOL

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most zoomers and newfags don't know that k-pop became globally popular as a direct result of south korea's government being taken over by a christian-satanist-feminist death cult that banned pornography and booba video games leaving korean men no other option but k-pop to masturbate to.


oh yeah, if you remember right at the start of the covid outbreak, how the news was saying that covid first came to america through a korean christian cult that was intentionally releasing it in nursing homes on the west coast, that was the same cult.


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>source wikipedia, youtube video about a 4chan greentext and reuters
Stop embarrassing yourself redditor. I know you get some weird pleasure by spouting the factoids you learned by listening joe rogan but this is actually sad

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that literally happened doe

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they're going to a concert or something like that. other than that, it's just making tiktoks and hanging at Jayden's kickback

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I haven't jerked off in 8 months and that girl flashing her armpit hair almost made me relapse

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Concerts and bars i guess, basicaly what most people do when they are young. This fashion is disgusting though
t. zoomer

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based if they are. saying something is better than saying nothing at all

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Big deal, check out what xers wore in the 90s

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those are millennials I'm pretty sure?

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Nope. Xers. Late xers. I guess you could call us xennial tp be fair.

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Is that what NYC looks like? Just looks like any of the shitty black neighborhoods outside of my city's downtown. I was expecting something grander idk, never been

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NYC is huge and there are many different parts. The places you are imagining exist but Knockdown Center is not one of them

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look on a map

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i think its cool, theyre just having fun :)

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is that not enough? i used to go to raves and concerts at least twice a week when i was a teenager.

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Zoomers live on the internet so they look good in social media through filters and editing but look mid in person