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I don't tend to wear shorts very often. Most indoor locations have a pretty cold AC, and I generally feel fine in pants the vast majority of the time.
However, when I do wear shorts, they are very short ones. Think like 4 to 5 inch inseam. To me it just makes sense, and feels like the best way to enjoy the sunshine.
People often give me weird looks...but then again it's not like I wear the short shorts all the time to almost all occasions or anything. I rarely wear shorts, but when I do, I prefer them to be short shorts.

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you don't have the legs for it, lil bro

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:( Sad...thanks for honesty though. Good thing I wear them just for comfort basically.

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rhodesian and effay, keep thighmogging these quadlets

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OP is only thighmogging skeletons and anorexics.

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Im not against short shorts but something about the fit here is off, i think the problem is that they flare away from the thighs

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the only way to wear shorts in 99% of situations is <5" inseam
this, the fit is fucked on op

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If you wear shorts, they should be short shorts