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When you started taking care of your skin and dressing better and had your glow up, did people notice? What did they say to you, did they like what you were doing or not?

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post this in the stupid questions thread.

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I do not understand the infatuation with this bitch. She looks like a Down syndrome Ronald McDonald

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She's got an all American Betty Boop look, very round in every way

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A beta male like you wouldn't understand

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>A beta male like you wouldn't understand
I think you meant a white male

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>doesn’t want to fuck Down syndrome nigger with terrible skin
>”lol, fuckin beta male”

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Yup sounds like beta males alright tell you what I’ll let you post physique to prove me wrong I’ll go first

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A year after I started moisturizing, using face wash, cycling everyday, using sunscreen, taking vitamin d3 and vitamin b12 and drinking a lot of water my sister was visibly jealous of how good I looked when I went back home.

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You did not just say that ahahahaha

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Stumpy ass hahahaha you're probably a downie as well

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Shes dressing the way niggers with hung horse cocks want her to dress anon :) a pale pindick like you wouldn’t understand but women actually like to attract masculine men with hung cocks

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Exactly anon, a lot of whitebois don’t understand that we’re naturally feminine:3 and that when we try and look buff it comes off as really cringe

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>no muscle definition
>no athleticism
>penis so small it doesn’t make a fucking dent
Anon… this is extremely beta, nobody cares that you look like an ogre and get bench press 200-300 pounds :) women either want extremely atheletic men (niggers) or extremely feminine ones (whitebois)

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Did you fuck her hard? Or did she peg you?

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tranny larp, YWNBAW

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now I just really want a t-shirt that says "if I miss this jay I'll kill myself"

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Anon… you know nazis and british soldiers liked to wear drag right? All whitebois around the earth throughout all of history were feminine faggots who like to choke on cock and gulp down cum.(greeks,gauls,romans,aryan hindus,colonists,muslims,ect) even the most religious of us are notorious for touching little boys, its to the point when muslims took greece they even got femboy sex slaves, not because they forced us (well against our wills atleast) it’s because we just did that stuff already and they took advantage of it :3, the only difference between nazis in the 40s wearing drag and a pol user dressing like femboy is that ones on the internet and is surrounded by hung nigger cocks and the other is getting shot at by russian soldiers, the honest truth is that even our earliest civilizations were complete cock sucking faggots, and even the most fascist of us like to dress like pretty girl :3 so go put on you cat ears and thigh highs, and suck some nigger cock cause its what your ances Would have wanted faggot <3

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*its what your ancestors would have wanted* typo :)

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Lmao bro there is no way you’re any taller than 5’6”

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shut the fuck up, demon.

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Bro get off of the BBC/sissy threads

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Zoomers don't like Nicki Minaj because she's old at this point, but NM is the only legitimately talented female rapper in the industry. (Except for Doja Cat who decided she would rather make bad music instead)
So this is the best zoomers got.

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She was a qt in the before but I gotta say the whale tail drives me fucking nuts, millennials got that shit right. Hope we see more of it in the future

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did you piss yourself? why is it dark around the groin?

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Almost every reply is unawares. Wtf happened to this place