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barely getting any likes

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kind of just quickly glanced over the photos and these are the ones i liked
im a gay guy tho so idk whether women will think the same

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>pictures with cats
Here’s how to be one of the 5% of men women swipe right on:
>abs on a yacht or beach pic
>picture with other guys showing how much taller you are
>picture at a huge party
>picture in nyc/la
>picture in europe
>picture in a #travel hotspot
>picture in suit
>picture in private jet

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x is good
() is okay
rest not so interesting imo

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add the three selected by the gay guy to me selection as () as well

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Cats are for lonely old women. guy showing off a much of cats wondering why he isn't getting likes.

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As a straight guy, these are the ones I’ll choose. They focus on frat boy type pics + more formal smartypant looking pics to attract the sapiosexual hoes. Plus also just 1 cat pic to say you’re good with pets and shit, but not as gay as to have the cat that close to you. Also you can put the question mark pic if you wanna be more risqué

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please dont listen to some of the retards here.
Gym pics by themselves are a no-go, you should show your physique like "oh i am not intentionally posing to show how swole i am this is just a beach picture" so you dont look gymrotted.

Cats are great but dont overdo it because women will think you are cat griffting, 2 cat pics max.

IMO first pic is the one with the black cat, second one would be one where you show your body but subtly, then one with friends so u don't look like a serial killer and then maybe a goofy pic but one that you look good so you don't give the ick to anyone.

I circled the essentials and put brackets on the ones that look good.

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The first should be the one where you hold the black cat not the one with the goofy hair

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why do you take so many pics with ur cat? no shade just wondering. also do NOT put pics with ur ex on ur tinder lol

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Dang ol' Tinder, man. I tell you what, it can be a real downer.

Y'see, I ain't no expert on dating apps, but I know a good dang photo when I see one. And let me tell you, man, your photos ain't it.

I ain't sayin' you're ugly, man. But you ain't exactly Brad Pitt, either. And the truth is, man, looks matter on Tinder. People are just gonna swipe left or right based on your photos.

So don't you go wastin' your time on Tinder, man. You're gonna be better off tryin' to meet people in real life. Go to a bar, a club, a dang ol' coffee shop. Just get out there and meet people the old-fashioned way.

I know it ain't easy, man. But it's the only way you're gonna find someone who likes you for who you are, man. Not just for your dang ol' photos.

So don't you go givin' up on love, man. Just keep on tryin', and eventually you'll find someone who's right for you.

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Ong no cap