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Or "exotic beauty" in general?
I get that the modeling industry has always been looking for unique faces (apparently only faces, I haven't seen any "exotic bodies" so to speak) but I heavily dislike Kaia Gerber, aesthetically speaking. I find her eyes off-putting, too close-set. I prefer wide-set eyes.

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same oh my goodness. she is incredibly ugly. her only good trait is that she’s the weight of her pencil and the fact her mother is Cindy Crawford (even then cindy really doesn’t do much for me)

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I like gemma ward, kate moss, nana komatsu for ‘exotic beauty’ (yeah ik they still fall into beauty standards but their looks r ‘different’ enough to still be considered exotic)

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I think Yasmeen Ghauri is a better example of exotic beauty

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Zendaya mixed with Julia Roberts mixed with Selena Gomez mixed with Kate Mara

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Very average. If you want good looking nepotism spawns look at Andie McDowell's daughters

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she looks like every indian/persian girl i walk by every day on the street lol. nothing special

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is this the girl from the oc?

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Opinion discarded

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maybe you should shoot yourself bc ik you’ve got rolls for days
if she’s nothing special then y does she mog ur entire bloodline?

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Zendaya haters try so hard to be different it’s cringy

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Nothing special yet she was one of the most well respected and talented models of the 90s…lol. You probably look like your parents are blood related

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Actually look at Monica Bellucci's daughter. So beautiful. Olivia Hussey's daughter. Heidi Klum's eldest daughter is stunning.

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Obvious Adam apple