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I've always fantasized about having a burberry trench coat, but I was never going to spend 2590$ US on it
Low and behold, I browse ebay doing some window and I found a burberry trench coat, exactly my size (40) 2nd hand, in almost new condition (see pic related) for 250$ from japan
I stayed up all night pondering whether I should get it or not, looking and it and staring at it
I caved in and bought it
please tell me I made the right choice anons, this is easily the most I have ever spent on a singular piece of clothing in my life, I feel so bad but also so happy..

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heres a pic of the bottom

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and the inside

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are you a detective

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Inspector Gadget-core, but pretty good find bru

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Even besides the brand, 250 is a great price to pay for something that large and complicated made with high quality materials and construction. Its something you could wear for many many years.

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Doug tier crap

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Doug's would be purple

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the notorious pedophile Doug Devious(TM) could not conceive of even wearing something like what OP found

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doug wears literal walmart tier clothes

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Honestly I'm really jealous. That looks super high quality and you probably won't regret it. I remember buying a suede leather jacket from a resale shop and thinking I might not like it because it's just not my style. Boy was I wrong. Every time it's cold I wanna pull that thing out. It's so warm and heavy and has plenty of pockets to hide alcohol and cigarettes. Trust me, you will love that coat, especially if you're somewhere it gets cold.

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Its Doug

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thank you anon, you just made me feel way better!

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Dunno what it's like these days but I copped two slightly damaged ones in ye olden times for not much money. Probably less than half of what you paid.
I thought they were the same colour and I could combine the two for an undamaged one but they were slightly different.
Coat prices fall off of a cliff because, for the most part, men don't want them nor need them and regret getting them eventually.

I say for the most part. If it looks good on you and you like it then why not?
But don't kid yourself if you look shit.

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lmao you payed 250 for that?? looks like 90s garbage, bet it wasn't even made in england lol

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I hope you're a grill because that is a women's coat. Men's coats button the other way around and have the storm flap/rifle patch on the wearer's right.

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I’m glad you’re happy anon. The coat looks good.
Correct me if I’m wrong but generally don’t both the sides in double breasted coats have button holes in them so he could just button it from the other side?
>Rifle patch
Reject militarism (except in neofolk where it’s aesthetic) and embrace comfy. Gun ownership is based but 99% of the people on this board will not shoot often enough to need a rifle patch on their coat. Perhaps he’s going for a more civilian look?

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do you have a matching fedora, inspector Gadget?

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Great piece, it will serve you a long time. nvm the haters.

Bought two vintage coats from ebay in excellent condition for less. One from Aquascutum and the other Burberry. The older ones tend to be better quality fabric composition wise.

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They don't have buttons on both sides and it does have a gun flap, it's just on the wrong side.

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OP here
I am a guy, and I made sure to check, you can button the coat from both sides, see pic related
also, I'm not gonna let something as silly as the gun flap being on the wrong side stop me from wearing it, it might look odd to the few people out there who know trench coats, but 99% of people won't notice

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Oh, that surprised me as it is a bit uncommon. I think you'll enjoy the coat OPie, it was a great find for that price. I paid a similar amount for my trench although it's new and from Gant and not Burberry. Get used to normies giving you looks as people don't see these coats very often.

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When I see people wearing shit like this, that they obviously have not much confidence in wearing I always try to bully them and make snarky comments at them so they'll perpetually feel self conscious every time they wear it

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I'm jealous, if I saw one in my size in that condition for that much I would cop. Grail find OP.

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but you never leave your mom's basement

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Dumb question but is the shell cotton and inside 50/50 cotton polyester? Found one on a 2nd hand website for 90 euros, fits me like a discount columbo, cream colored with hidden buttons and no belt. Feels like i also fucked up and bought fake shit for such a high price.

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I am not an incel and I think it’s a pretty cool coat op

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There are burberry trench coats that are 50/50 cotton/polyester and some that are 100% cotton, it just depends on when they were made, newer ones have the 50/50 blend, older ones tend to be 100% cotton so if that is your only reason to suspect its fake, then its probably not a fake
the trench in the OP is 100% cotton though, it says so on the tag, front (表)is 100% cotton according to the tag (綿 100%)

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its pretty funny watching insecure people like you project their insecurity and fear of standing out onto others

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That just gives a length, and says the shell is 100% cotton, with a poly-cotton lining.

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Obvious fake but whatever floats your boat

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Nah, its not fake
burberry in japan licensed the creation of the coats to another company because it was cheaper for them and netted them more profit, I forgot the name of the company, but thats why there are so many cheap burberry coats from japan
its only in 2015 that burberry took over directly
you can read about it some more here
its a legit burberry coat, just japanese made instead of made in england

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AyyLmao. Its called Burberry not Burberrys

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>What if we say Burberrys and Burberry are the same? Well, Burberry is the new name of the Burberrys fashion house. When the brand started, it was known as Burberry but with time, the name changed to Burberrys. Due to unknown reasons, in 1999, they changed it back to Burberry. To put it simply, it was Burberry first, then Burberrys, and now Burberry again.
see pic related
the coat is likely from the 1970s, where burberrys was in use

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Yeah sure bro, I bet your little comments are held in the highest regard. Filtering out normie retards like you is one of the most important functions of good fashion.

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Most people will notice, but we live in such a feminized transgender world that it’s not out of place for men to be wearing women’s clothing casually.

However this coat is very old, and it’s from when Burberry wasn’t really a men’s fashion brand, it was sold at macys and was aimed at middle class core

If you bought the men’s one it would have been made by mid suit manufacturer hickey freeman

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This is old information but the most recent runway stuff was labeled Burberry prorsum before they went defunct/irrelevant

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They CAN look okay if you shorten them to a modern Burberry mid thigh fall,

But these coats ain’t it, the arm holes are low and meant to be worn over baggy 3 button suits from the 90s like you’re Neo’s coworker in NYC

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The label is 1970s, not 1990s, but the armholes do look rather low.

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enjoy never leaving your basement to actually be able to wear it.

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Legitimately retarded comparison, trying to shove square peg into round hole

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are you just jealous OP copped an amazing piece like this?

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>implying any comment you make would penetrate OP's AT field

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his awesome trenchcoat field?!

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Glad to know, thanks for the clarifications.

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I think trench coats are super cool. Good find

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You go up to strangers and make remarks about their clothes? You're a fucking creep, man.

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Burberry items uses gold fabric tags.
>t. worked at dry cleaner where we got lots of Burberry items
There were only a couple of customers who came in with authentic stuff and most of it was fake shit. The easiest way to tell was the tags.

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Lmao get fucked, you got owned fucked and scammed that's a fake

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yes of course you made the right choice if you've fantasized about getting it for so long. you'd definitely regret it if you didn't. i just got a jacket for 250 that i've wanted for awhile as well and im happy. enjoy your coat anon

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saw tons of them in a thirft market in japan. some looked very worn, others very stained. similar prices. good catch imo.

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no im speaking from experience. i have a long overcoat and rarely any opportunity to actually put it on. itd only ever be the right temperature for it at night, and i do not go out at night.

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Just found the same seller you were looking at. Neat deals.

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Then is it really worth it to buy the real shit ?

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The only burberry trench coats I found that are made with 100% cotton gabardine shell are from japan, like the OP found, all the ones from europe are 51/49 gabardine polyester respectively
t. regularly buy trenches on ebay as gifts for family & friends
also the one in the OP is real, thats just how vintage burberry coats' tags in japan look like, western tags look like pic related read what this guy said >>17812314
they were made exclusively for japan in japan, so a regular tag in english just didn't make sense