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Love being an attention whore and saggin like this, get so many stares and compliments all day long ;) Makes all the girls wet and all the dudes mire

You guys know sagging is hot af you just lack the looks + confidence to pull it off like I do

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Nice easy access for me to rape you and push you over and trip you and you won't be able to run away because your pants are falling down. I'll shove me dick into your asshole dry and use your blood as lube you fucking faggot.

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Based fag raper.

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based faggot raper saggers asking for it

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Too much sag, and I'm a sagger

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sagger thug chads hot af ftw

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I've always wanted to rape someone as a form of assault. Like instead of beating them up. I would rape that guy too anon.

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stay jelly of alpha saggers, kys

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Nice sag, man. Just the right amount.

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>alpha saggers
You realize the origins of "sagging", right

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Get raped Gaylord

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lmao when I spent time in SWICC this was how we knew some nigga wanted to get dicked

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