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Will people make fun of me if I wear a Tangzhuang as a white guy?

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Most def. but who cares wear what u want how u want. might get fucked with the whole culture appropriation shit tho

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If anyone says anything (which they won't), just say you like it because it's quality and fits nice. How can they dislike that?

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unfortunately yes. if you moved to china or chinatown though, it'd be fine, maybe even appreciated.

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one of my work colleagues wears that and other weird clothes sometimes and I was surprised when people would make fun of him (always behind his back)
it wasn't necessarily in a bad sense, but they would call him a monk or something like that

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Small town? Yeah. Big city? Nobody will give a fuck.

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i'd laugh at you whatever color you may be

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I would

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Not if you have the tai chi skills to make them regret laughing

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100% they will.
Even if you worked in a Chinese restaurant I would suggest you get changed there.

Not unlikely you'll get shit for "cultural appropriation" either.

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On the topic, could you get away with a haori if you're white?

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i literally just saw a guy wearing a Tangzhuang today. He looked pretty cool, but he was asian tho, soz (even as an asian guy i did look at him for a bit). btw i live in a big city

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they will just think you came from a Wingchun class.

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are there no martal art classes in small towns? I come from a small town and there is kung fu

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people WILL make fun of me if I wear this even if im chinese

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>why you got that get up homie?
ah I'm out of my kung fu / wingchun class i joined a school
>oh aight carry on dude

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more like:
>scoffs quietly at you as they walk by you on the street
w-w-wait, I'm g-going to tie quan doe class senpai
>already 10 feet away, posting the picture they took of you on their social media

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>wide sleeves say sedentary life but front is tied up for athleticism
late china mutt clothes are so weird

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so just run 10 feet kick the phone off his hands and smash it with another kick while it's still in the air
and do this before the upload is finished
what are they teaching you in those kungfu classes

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are you a faggot? you think martial arts are not common sight nowadays?

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Is there anyway to kind of tie in a more global/cosmopolitan edge as a white guy? I want to look like I've cobbled my fit out of stuff I got loafing around half the world but not look like >>17810366

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nobody like a whore anon just stay faithful to one culture

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>nobody like a whore
Good morning, sir.