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Daily reminder tattoos are conformist and ultra played out these days. They might have been cool in the 90s when only people you thought were dangerous had them or in the 2000s when only emo and scene bands had them.

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Why are you so obsessed with being contrarian

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You're right but none of this matters.

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We are young that is why, unlike you old wrinkly faggot millennial

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A IT dork or lawyer getting a full sleeve tattoo is cringe AF. But I think small tattoos (and few of them) are aesthetic. Zoomers have the right idea.

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I am a mid 30s, deadbeat drug addict loser but I have no tattoos or piercings. I can grow my hair and beard out and dress edgy and grungy, or cleanly like a middle class professional and no one suspects a thing

There is a certain chameleon like ability that tatted up people lose...and i'm not even going to talk about how dated and dumb and ugly most tats are

Most of us know and understand this intuitively, buts its taboo to say in real life because so many people are tatted and take it personally


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Tattoos look so fucking stupid on people over the age of 30. Imagine having a slice of pizza or a coffee cup tattooed to yourself when you are fucking 60 lmfaoo. I swear people that get tattoos have extremely poor decision making abilities.

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so you're a loser on all possible fronts?

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I'm a millennial and i fucking hate conformist ideology. Nothing worse being in a rich middle class society.

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holy cringe

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>Imagine having a slice of pizza or a coffee cup tattooed to yourself when you are fucking 60 lmfaoo

By the time you're 60, you don't give a shit what people think, therefore the tattoo is irrelevant whether it's there or not.

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all of my tattoos are ancient iconography that is signifigant to my culture. of course fat americans are going to get tattoos of degenerate bullshit, you people live for fast food and fast money

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>all of my tattoos are ancient iconography that is signifigant to my culture
like what? how do you interface with this culture that makes it significant to you?

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>These icons were relevant in my culture 5000 years ago
>I got them tattooed on my body because I googled "my ancestors" one time and saw them.

Fucking stupid. Might as well be a four leaf clover. Shit at least the Irish still associate with that symbol. You don't even have that.

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i dont need to justify myself to some random dickhead on the internet
>>four leaf clover
no im not a christcuck like you, faggot

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So you're a LARPing dipshit instead of a regular one. Bravo!

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yes, I would maybe get tattoos If I was in a rock band or something. But for this exact same reason I enjoy not having them.
No old people tend to have cooler tattoos. Zoomers have the ugly ones.

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just because you have no connection to your ancestral identity doesnt mean some of us here have continued the culture of our forebears. your dead grandparents are laughing at you now

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the guy trying to look the most badass is always the least. it applies to tattoos too.

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I just finished my full arm sleeve that ran me 7k I'm very happy

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