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so this is the official international zoomer hairstyle
but what was the millenial hairstyle?

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Every style the biebs had.

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Especially these three.

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The Hitler Youth and its many iterations in top length

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Spiked in the front with frosted tips

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That's more a late genX/xennial cut.

Also zoomers are sporting messy bowl cuts these days, the perm is on its way out.

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ANY haircut is better than a zoomer's haircut, which resembles a black man's pubic hair. Hilter cut is stylish, I think that will be Gen A's official haircut once they become 18 years old.

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>Also zoomers are sporting messy bowl cuts these days,

So they're copying early 2000s Japanese hairstyle?

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>so this is the official international zoomer hairstyle

It always strikes me as strange, how a white kid would perm his hair to loo curly and nappy, like a negro's pubic hair. Fucking weird shit.

White zoomers have been psyop into looking like black people pubic hair

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It was this. I'm bringing it back.

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the zoomer haircut requires the least amount of maintenance so it's becoming popular as hell. no long have to worry about using hair gel or whatever to keep your hair in just the right place.

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Something like that, but with skin-tight fades on the sides and back.

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>the zoomer haircut requires the least amount of maintenance so it's becoming popular as hell.

No, it requires the zoomer to sit and get his hair perm like a faggot for 4 hours. The least effort maintaince is letting the hair grow long

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after the perm you literally have to do nothing to maintain it other than get it cut 3 times a year and wash it twice a week

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That’s just the moptop

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>after the perm

Why, as a man, would you get a perm? A white zoomer getting a perm, his hairstyle looks like a black man's pubic hair.

zoomer perm is cringe as the millennial's hipster look.

Every white person fashion style, regardless of the generation, is cringe af

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Every fashion trend is cringe but you don't know it's cringe until it's over.

so stop following the current year fashion trend and get a haircut that is eternally fashionable.

picrel, what's mainstream during the 80s

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white people fashion look dirty and grimly (punk rock, hipsters, grunge)


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white zoomers are bringing back the ironic 2000s hipster look back. white people like to dress "unironically ugly" as a fashion trend

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These people look insufferable

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What the fuck were millennial thinking lol

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>What the fuck were millennial thinking lol

And the worse part? Zoomers are copying millennial fashion trends from 20 years ago

e-girl = 2000s emo girls
dirty look with a porn mustache = 2000s hipster look
nerdcore = millennials being ... welll ... nerds during the 2000s

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Wayne Static is that you?

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hockey hair with a hat or the emo sweep in the early-mid 2000s, or the mushroom cut or the ski jump hair in the 90s

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this came to mind too, mostly a late millenial / early 2000s thing

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white people and their queer haircuts.

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yea those damned white people

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>e-girl = 2000s emo girls
just repeating this doesn't make it true

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Yeah. No idea what my peers were thinking. Did NOT age well. Terrible colors, cuts, designs, overall aesthetic. 2006-2010 were dark times for fashion.

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Eh, bieber is borderline zoomer
Millennial cut would be emo fringe for mid 00s
Or the hipster undercut for early 10s

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This was always considered cringe. No one really dressed like the extremely stereotypical hipsters unless they were dressing up for a night or going to a festival. Their every day outfits were mostly t-shirt/check shirt, jeans and chucks/vans

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I’m 41 and I still have this style. Only thing I can do with my wavy hair.

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millennials had many diffrent hair styles from the emo cut to the man bun to the hitler youth.
Zoomers are slacking in the culture department and have invented nothing and only know noodle hair, trap music, and lie

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It is, though. At least e-girls draw heavily from the 00's emo and scene girls with more weeb vibes thrown in, but there's a clear influence.

>Millennial cut would be emo fringe for mid 00s
>Or the hipster undercut for early 10s
The emo fringe, outside of the scene, was shortlived and not that widespread. I'd say the undercut is the quintessential millenial haircut, which is sitll sported by older millenials nowadays (now with a short beard to match).

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the quintessential millennial cut was the mushroom cut, every single millennial boy had it at some point in the 90s

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But that's what the parents picked for little kids. When I think of the 90's I think genX, millenials are more 00's.

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>But that's what the parents picked for little kids
No it was pushed, almost every teenage/early 20's boy actor had one. The 90s were when the oldest millennials first hit puberty, the 1980 kids were teenagers when Cobain blew his brains out. Early 90s had a mix of gen x kids around but the 80s were prime Gen x years really with that generation starting in the mid 1960's.

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You guys’ obsession with zoomers is really bitter and sad

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That's a middle part and we didn't call it a bowl cut back then. And most of the kids in my area only wore that haircut while growing it to a shoulder-length mane.
>t. born in '79

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they call it the flow or the patrick bateman

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This will never not look good, no matter what anyone says.

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I fucking hate this hairstyle so much. I fucking hate it so much. One of my friends was the most gorgeous twink I've ever seen in my life. This kid was a literal 15/10 and he was just a shock to look at. He had long pretty boy hair that was mesmerizing. THEN HE FUCKING CUT IT into the zoomer fade and I want to die. It's been a year and he won't grow it back out because long hair is "annoying." Kill me right now.

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american. no teenagers outside of america have this hairstyle

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yes they do lmao

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50% of all young guys in the UK have this haircut, and it looks fucking shit. You cannot tell them apart from another.

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To clarify, I don't mean this haircut >>17813072

I mean this haircut >>17809942