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Thoughts on long sleeved polos? Do they look too boomer core without a perfect fit and accesories?
I'm looking for an alternative to boring crew neck sweaters for winter but i'm not sure about these.

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They look kidcore imo. It seems like people wear them because they think they look more mature than polo shirts but they just end up looking more immature since you could just as easily wear a button down if you want long sleeves and if you want short sleeves they obviously fail. Maybe if you’re muscular, they look good. You know, like normal polos. And well, everything else.

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wool ones are good for layering over a shirt and tie

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you're looking for a rugby
doesnt have to be a sporty striped rugby, you can get one that just has a contrast collar
but that detail makes it feel "right" for it to have long sleeves

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This board is brain dead

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OCBDs and flannel shirts mog long sleeve polos 100/100 times.

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post an example I can't imagine this looking good

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it wont. just imagine a boomer wearing a quarter zip over a shirt and tie

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oddly i don't hate it