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And who is the most /fa/ band?

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the most /fa/ band is rhapsody

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black and thrash easily

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Dixie is always kino

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this nigga still out here posting the cropped pro bass flag from my grid in the wignat thread, I'll have you know I actually own that flag

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metallic hardcore revival, they basically just dress like skater boys and tyler the creator fans but with darker colour schemes and scary looking band merch

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literally just google it

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source that you actually own it

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thats a proofs you dingus

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my nigger

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for me its black metal, death metal and melodeath. deathcore is cool too but a bit cringey. also some prog thats heavier

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>/fa/ metal subgenre
There is literally no such thing. It's impossible to be a metalhead and be /fa/.

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this, metal is antithetical to fashion and looking like you don't smell like liquid ass

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extreme/metal subculture fashion has been a major influence on every level of fashion from street clothes to designer brands for years

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/fa/ Music Genres:
>Psychedelic Rock
>Baroque Pop
>American Primitivism
>Jangle Pop/Paisley Underground/Neo-Acoustic/etc.
Non /fa/ music genres:
>All metal
>Literally all flavors of hardcore punk excluding maybe post-hardcore
>Midwest Emo
>Most prog rock
>All forms of rap
>Landfill Indie, "Indie Folk"
>Dream Pop
>Nu-power pop shit like Weezer
Note: Non /fa/ doesn't necessarily mean bad music

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if by /fa/ you mean tryhard huffing their own farts music then yeah I suppose you'd be right

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It's ok if you wear metal t-shirts anon we were all 15 at some point

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southern and black

seriously southern looks like the guy is a school shooter and who knows some might be i dig the aesthetic

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white trash metal is the only badass metal aesthetic

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did he pull the trigger?

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Sadly no.

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what band? looks kino.

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Judas Priest, not even a fucking contest

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You sound like a faggot, I hate faggots

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its just Bones SESH as he calls himself as well

looks kinda gay, nothing wins against southern redneck black metal they combine nazi camo shit with black metal shit and it looks like a racist that could shoot you if you provoke him they actually look like intimidating meth dealers

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Am I retarded why am all that I'm finding is rap/hiphop under Bones #teamsesh?

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yes he is a faggot as soon as anyone says Psydelic anything = faggot

hippies never been /fa/. We are always been a Mod and Metal board. No joke Metalfag schoolshooter fits have always circulated around here but only well done ones that really put together military shit with metal shit properly.

Also EDM and EBM is literally the favorite music of Knochensack. And half of the oldfags probably still listen to midwest emo.

That anon is full of shit as full of shit gets. Jazz and Folk are pretty /fa/ tho and post-punk is Raf Simmons shit.

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you're a low IQ inbred and a disgrace. metal died in the fucking 90s when metallica released the black album and Pantera(dogshit btw) became popular. anything after that is shit with very few exceptions. metal was great when it was hot rodded Marshall fullstacks and concerts were rockergirl pussy galore and not whatever trash you're greasy beard neckbeard school threat zoomer ass is listening too. also i googled the shit you mentioned its nigger rap music wtf do you know?

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Because white men are simply better at rap.

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This board is about fashion retard we talk about aesthetics here not melody lmao.

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I'm a tourist here sounds like fag shit to me. jeans boots and a t-shirt is all you need

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Glam and Black

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black, no contest

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only if you are doing Ken core.

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Power metal
Deal with it chud

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The nerdiest metal ever lol.

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Thrash is obviously the most /fa/. Proof: all goth girls in high school had a thrash boyfriend.

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is this anime ost piece /fa/?

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In the 80s

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80s thrash and 90s black/death are the only time spans of metal culture that matter. The rest is all recycling and larping. Same as goth culture.

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nah he's one of the OGs off the edgy rap scene.
there's a decent amount of screaming in his older tracks and he even has a columbine themed EP.

good shit honestly.

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>most prog rock
you're just a hater who can't beat this drip

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You guys are ALL wrong, the answer is Mötorhead no question
>nazi punks fuck of-ACK!

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kamelot, at least the frontmen roy and tommy, are /fa/

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death metal

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dead kennedy sisters, how will we recover?

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literal seething lmao

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CASCADIAN black metal in particular

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you guys have cringelord neckbeard taste.

Like the other anon says its Black Metal no contest, black metal style evolved into what Bones is and that fucker looks like he can kill, he looks like he will shank or shoot the shit outta you. All the faggots you been posting are cringe gay retards that sing about Dragons, Castles, Demons, Knights. Grow the fuck up man. You need to stop being gay eventually at least do terrorwave these days its better to intimidate than to look friendly so embrace school shooter aesthetics.

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Why is everybody on effay so goddamn skinny

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i’ve always assumed most here are fatties, it’s just the skinnies that are willing to post themselves

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A gay vest and a gay shirt and gay shoes isn’t terrorwave
also black metal sucks

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Perhaps the greatest post on /fa/ that I've seen in months. Screenshotting for posterity.

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I just died from cringe

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Reminder that Lemmy was a libertarian/anarchist who only liked 1940s German stuff because he thought the designs looked cool.

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>Reminder that Lemmy was a libertarian/anarchist who only liked 1940s German stuff because he thought the designs looked cool.
Just like me

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>no Death Industrial

Shite list.

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that's a lame outfit
would take you more seriously if you chose some generic panda face paint and leather jacket
also plenty of bm bands sing about lord of the rings and satan nonsense

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what about 70s and 80s trad?

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Yeah and that’s based, but if someone tried that today regardless of motive, they’d get relentlessly attacked by seething zoomers claiming that they’re Nazis

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This is gay as fuck + you could snap this skinny fag's neck with two fingers
I listen to black metal and I recognize the /fa/ superiority of thrash

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Totally bro
It's not like he said that to save face and not get banned by american concerts

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>nigga sex black metal

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are doom and gothic metal /fa/?

question is, why is there just so much versatility in metal fashion? with punk and goth there are very strict expectations on what is considered "authentic" and whatnot, but with metal, you can either dress with black shirt and cargo shorts or the traditional leather jacket or battle vest and boots or larp at a renaissance fair or just a plain 'ol hipster, and you're still accepted

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because punks and goths are autistic faggots hiding under a veil of "le anarchist self expression"

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genuine question: has punk ever done something that was historically and politically significant aside from larping under the guise of "eff authority?" I've heard more political legitimacy from K-pop stans trolling a Trump rally. Take granted, they are still degenerates, but regardless they've done more than those lazy punks.

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>crossdressing as britannia
weird kink bro

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Enjoy buying my used t shirts in 5 years for $300

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metal heads are gay and cringe asf

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..black metal is the most fem and stylish genre. ..its the only correct answer.
.black metal/blackgaze...

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here is the autogynephile tranny retard thinking he is smart
fuck off to your containment board

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..they hate me there.
so i have to flee to here.
youre just mad thay black metal artists were the most authentic which equals better style

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black metal ppl are autistic which = better style.

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..im not even trans..

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>trying to look hard with a bb gun

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Where do Post-punk and Goth differ to you

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>not trans

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...still not trans..

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gross. what an ugly orc

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Once you get older you’ll realize metal music is just really nerdy dudes pretending to be edgy

Wayyyy too much kfabe going on

The guy with “blood” on his face and is named plaguefucker went to Juliard and played in his high school band

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yes most metal is for manchilds but some metal is cool its like a guilty pleasure, i dont tell people i listen to it no more but i do once in a while. Same of video game music.

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>guilty pleasure
>feeling guilt for liking some music

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It’s just 99% performative

Wear makeup, have long hair, scrunch your face, and do a devil horns thing

They’re just being KISS but are making it edgier and playing faster

The kids who are into it are mostly suburban white dorks that date really geeky fat dork girls that are also sluts (poly fetlife type uggos)

So I don’t know anything about you, other than the fact that you listen to metal music.

But I bet you…. You own a copy of the dungeons and dragons video game builders gate or whatever

And are a white make in his 20s and wear black jeans freq

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When you get older 28-35 you’ll really love country music. Which is also very performative

Mostly about dating women and driving a truck around and drinking but not bud light amirite heh

Sorry man you’re just a lower iq dude

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what music genre isn’t performativr?

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No, I genuinely like the music because sometimes its based of classical music and classical music is the whitest most kino music there is. Symphonic Metal is beautiful because its using classical music structure. But yes a lot of subgeneres are performative, a lot thats where they is like 50 types of metal. Black Metal was almost purely performative it was bout being an scandinavian edgelord that went against all social customs of the time and making boomers mad.

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>I genuinely like the music because sometimes its based of classical music and classical music is the whitest most kino music there is
Why not listen to classical music?
>Symphonic Metal is beautiful because its using classical music structure
It doesn't use classical form. It uses synths to replicate the instrumentation. It's just metal with synths.

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depends on the band
some bands that go for the full authenticity of theatrics go for a full orchestra ensemble (eg. later nightwish and rhapsody)
other bands that can't afford it or focus on sole atmosphere or just are lazy rely on keyboard sound effects for orchestration (eg. delain)

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one of the gayest posts ive seen in a while. if youre scared of twinks that look like this you should just kys

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thats what they thought too

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Most talentless band in BM with any reputation. No playing skills and no sense of melody. Not surprising they are fat retards IRL.

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too broad, because there are instances of fa being associated with electronic music, like gabber, but there are also instances of EDM not being fa, like megafestivals
Rick Owens' association with goth makes goth fa

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