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>Long messy salty-ocean-spray-kissed hair tucked behind ears.
>Clean-shaven face to give off a youthful look.
>Neck, wrists, fingers adorned with bohemian jewelry.
>Low-rise skinny jeans to accentuate area above the groin and signal virility to potential mates.
>Bare feet to show a connectedness with nature and Mother Earth.
>Guitar and skateboarding hobbies to display creativeness and fitness.
>Makes sure to give off a philosopher when conversing.

If you're a man, why aren't you aspiring to this aesthetic and vibe?

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>try to look like a 70s female hippie

Uhh I'll pass

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>Bare feet to show a connectedness with nature and Mother Earth.
>Not atop a horse or motorcycle to show connectedness to the heavens and father sky
This is a show of cthonic femininity instead of a uranic masculinity. As demonstrated by this ones supple fertile figure. Of course, if thats what you are going for, then good for you.

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cringe. this lifestyle is only made possible by mummy and daddys money

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>If you're a man, why aren't you aspiring to this aesthetic and vibe?
Precisely because i am a man and not a woman.

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>>Clean-shaven face to give off a youthful look.
Men shouldn't cut their beards and make themselves look like women and young boys anon, it's going against nature.

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>Neck, wrists, fingers adorned with bohemian jewelry.
new age amulet grifts? no thanks, i have real jewelry and know how to wear it
>Low-rise skinny jeans to accentuate area above the groin and signal virility
you're a special type of autistic if you think there's anything virile about girly jeans
>Bare feet to show a connectedness with nature and Mother Earth.
i hope he cuts himself with some bottle a hobo threw on the floor. he ain't connected to shit, he's just high on LSD polluting and gentrifying every beach he can
>Makes sure to give off a philosopher when conversing.
every philosopher worth their salt would slap them with a book upon hearing all the bullshit that can come out of his mouth

people like this, of all genders, are completely disgusting to me

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epic beards are a thing of the past decade and only basedboys and people who thinks vikings is a good tv series still have them

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>nooooooo i can't do something because it's not in fashion!!!
Slave mindset.

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my grandmother thinks all bearded men are muslim and I think highly of her opinion

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Because i'm not a pussy

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>it's going against nature.
lmao literally everything we do is against nature, no one likes your facepubes

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>everything we do is against nature
Yeah, being a middle class faggot esting chips and soimilk everyday is against nature. Fucking hit the gym, disgusting pseudo intellectual faggots.

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>everything we do is against nature
Yeah, being a middle class faggot eating chips and soimilk everyday is against nature. Fucking hit the gym, disgusting pseudo intellectual faggots.

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Who the fuck has the time to skate and play guitar and work and pay rent?

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gyms arent found in nature

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doesnt sound very natural to me tbqhwy

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American have zero dignity left

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Im not a fag

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>be in ancient persia
>in civilization
>ergo not in nature

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You sound envious.

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More girls want the guy in the OP than some muscled-up gymbro that's all about brotein, lifting, and "gainz".

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>Men policing other men's masculinity.

Here we go again.

How toxic.

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It's okay tripfaggot, you can have your stinky tarot card weed twink bf, we don't give a fuck

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I've always felt, they way this look is so obviously deliberate and cultivated. Is antithetical to the concept of the free-spirited bohemian that they're trying to present themselves as.

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>If you're a man, why aren't you aspiring to this aesthetic and vibe?
This “vibe” only works if you live in California, and you couldn’t pay me to live in that liberal hellhole of a state right now. It’s a shame because it’s geographically the most beautiful state in the nation, but it has been run into the ground over the last 40 years and at this point it’s probably unsalvagable.

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new ageism is satanic

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Bad news for yoz, Vieo

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Imagine you wind up in some psychotic incel video just because you glanced at a guy for a second

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Cope. Strong male = natural attraction to girls

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try making more money its not that hard

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>talks about nature
>posts dude with ungodly amounts of roids in his veins
i'm with your sentiment, but you need to be a bit more self aware, borther

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Its all fake. Fake style. Fake personality. Fake chill. These people are the most insufferable to be around. They'll fuck their friends over without a second though.

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Ikr. Theres some topless dude walking around and his buttbuddy walking behind filming, who wouldnt look? The guy could be skinnyfat, or a lard ass, and people would still stare.
Hell, its NORMAL to glance at people as you walk past them.

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its funny that the most attractive girls in the video are in the background and dont pay attention

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>lifting to attract girls
I lift so that weaker men perceive that I can kill them with my hands

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You just described a former friend of mine to a tee. Everybody stopped hanging out with him because he was just a jerk, dressed just like OP pic, same style. I was invited to a party and I asked who was there, the second I heard this guy's name I was like wtf why? My buddies who I asked agreed with me, only reason he got invited was because a bleeding heart did it out of pity because he has no friends anymore.

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>some of the people outright laugh in his face
why would you ever include those? lol

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Go back to 2015 faggot

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Bet you wipe your ass after shitting and use soap sometimes, faggot.

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>Its all fake. Fake style. Fake personality. Fake chill.

No it's not.

You can tell from his vibe and the way he speaks, it's his life and he lives for it.

The guy even says he "breathes" for a living.

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No one, this is what >>17787451 meant.
This bohemian bourgeois lifestyle is a boomer lie only meant for people that will never have to work one day in their life
Just like the french existentialists and deconstructivists, this "philosophy" exists only in a world where you are rich enough to fly above the struggle for living and do not need to work. The conclusions you reach will only be true for the same 0,1%
Aspiring to this while being working class is pure stupidity. At best you will become a hippie and end up in a farm with other hippies, but you will still have to work
To be honest it sounds kind of sad to not have anything to struggle towards, since this quest is what makes us better and stronger in the process

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Just when I thought this board couldnt possibly be more socially inept and disconnected this abaolute gem of a thread pops up

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I fucking love this board. There is nothing more entertaining than watching hardcore autists talk about the one subject no autist has ever been able to comprehend

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u can tell he eats cum on the reg breh

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I'm not a total faggot

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he's a faggot and cringe. dresses like shit and is cringe.
nice face tho

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cause im not californian hippie bum trash

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im too fat and stuckup (being here at all should be a hint towards that)
thats a great top though.

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I like that top. Can anyone ID that for me?

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>At best you will become a hippie and end up in a farm with other hippies, but you will still have to work
sadly that isnt even the case. the majority just laze around and expect you to feed them. one of the local organic farmers refuses to hire local white hipsters because they dont work hard enough and instead she gets tfw's from mexico lol!

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That's disgusting. He looks like a failed lab experiment. He is no different from a fatfuck. Both can be knocked down by just pushing them a little.

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Walking barefoot on Venice Beach is a death

Oh God, just watched the video and he licks his bloody foot

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He is jelly, isn't he.

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I'm not a dirty hippy.
>skateboarding to display fitness.
I go to gym so everyone can tell my fitness from looking at my muscles, I don't need accessories for that.


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Buffalo bill headass

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do you like Nietzsche

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Never read him actually. A good friend said that one should study christian theology quite a bit in order to understand Nietzsche properly, so it will have to wait

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Frankly it's because looking at your pic related makes me see red and instinctively want to smash this thing's face in with a baseball bat

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Ramy is not the product of 'hit the gym' Ramy is a disgusting roid freak

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cuz i dont want to

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I knew someone like this.
Nobody liked him, he was a deplorable person. The type that you only maintain the relationship for convenience but not that much because you know he's going to fuck you up eventually.
I take this style as a warning now.

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This actually looks gay as fuck. Why he be jealous? Sometimes you just hate on stupid shit just for being stupid not because youre envious. If anything it's to feel superior to tards

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no, just like im not jealous of rich pricks who drive teslas. flaunting your wealth is literally the most degenerate behaviour possible

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also this is complete vanity, if he was truly in tune with nature he would not be rejecting the creator and shaving his face and chest. its so easy to spot a fake hippie when theyre clean shaven

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>Not barefoot and carrying your pet falcon to show connectedness with both

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thats interesting. some lifestyles think the opposite of that. Say monks for example, they consider excess hair unnecessary and almost vanity like so they shave it off so they dont have to worry about styling or maintaining it.

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I hate this person viscerally.

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yep, its one or the other. either shave everything completely including eyebrows and armpits (to be super authentic pluck each hair individually while meditating through the pain) or grow all your hair long and ragged and in dreads. anything in between is just showing off

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these ppl are looking because he's almost naked and being followed by a camera, not because of his body per se. you would not get the same reaction at a swimming pool or the beach

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Looks like some new age "spiritual" faggot

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>Why aren't you aspiring to look and dress like some retarded hippie faggot
No thanks. Also, I take it you are trans if not a faggot yourself no?

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I'm glad you're so new that you don't know OP, but yes, OP is indeed a transexual and African (not sure if he's from America). Who could've guessed.

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You fucking faggot, just admit you like men lmao

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You sound like a repressed queer

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It's not, I'm one of them. You're just too socially inept to pull it off. Imagine you, a fat, awkward incel loser dressing and trying to act like that, I'd laugh and not take you seriously either.

Then everybody clapped

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You won't do shit autist

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based fuck californians

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>I want to attack this man with a baseball bat
>haha cuck, but you didn't attack him with a baseball bat!
how was breakfast today buddy?

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I'm still not seeing the bat anon, where's the bat? I'm waiting for it

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This whole fucking thread

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>talking about nature
>posts roidtranny on non natural chemical hormones

why are roidtrannies so dumb

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Who the fuck is that and why should I care?

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Seethe harder incel

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i look like this and i hate it

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Then get a hair cut and buy some new clothes retard

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>Then get a hair cut
absolutely not
>buy some new clothes retard
that's fair, i've been wanting to for months already...