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I'm a guy who really wants to wear kuromi clothes like pic related but I don't want people to think I'm a massive creepy faggot because I'm an ugly incel looking person (not a cute uwu femboy who can get away with clothes like this). What do?

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Tranime tshirts have been normoid territory for at least 5 years by now

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1. lose weight
2. be clean (iron clothes, shave, wash face, wear deodorant, trim nails, get haircuts every 4-5 weeks, dont wear dirty and old shoes)
3. wear properly fitting clothes (pants that fight at the waist, shirts that fight at the middle of the back pocket of your pants
4. dont mix too many colors in your outfits (max 2 colors)

with this you can wear whatever you want

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Why do you want to wear Kuromi specifically?
1. Sanrio characters are not anime
2. You have to be 18 to post here

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t. ranny

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Kuromi was created for and debuted in the My Melody anime, later becoming a mainstay Sanrio character due to her popularity

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graphic tees are cringe bro

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Don't. You won't pull it off. It will come off creepy no matter how you cut it.

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>wants to wear kuromi clothes
>ugly incel looking person
You're not gonna pull it off, this shit was made specifically to only look good on women. Save yourself the embarrassment, and find something else to wear.

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Nice trips. The only way to get away with it is to not be a fat unwashed retard. Lift weights, get fit and the wear it as an oversized shirt with fitting pants and shoes. Make it look effortless not try hard.

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>"I'm ugly"
>I'll look ugly if I wear clothes
Uh... yeah?

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>t.big sex haver

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I'm handsome and wear stupid anime and graphic tees and always get compliments.
ladies even try to set me up with their daughter.
>oh she loves those cartoons, you should meet her!

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just wear it, you've been walking around ugly for years already so it won't make a difference

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Your only ulgy cause you think you ulgy, see pic reel. Plus if you want to wear kuromi shirts then do it

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buy extra small so people will think it's your gf's shirt :3

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massive cuck who cant directly communicate that he wants relationships with women so instead hopes to passive aggresively appeal to weak girls with a commercial cartoon character lmao

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I think this is the best advice lmao.
If you're fat and nerdy, I think you would look a lot like a creepy faggot.

but imagine the same shirt on a eboy type (clean looking, nice face, lean) it would look really hard.

but then again, wtf do you care about what other people think. fuick them

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Dumb trannime poster

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becomethe cute uwu femboy that can get away with it.
or >>17747128, both would work

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gamer gate memes mixing with radical feminism is a weird combo, has real enemy of my enemy is my friend vibes

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