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What is the obsession that young women have with tattoos, particularly shitty ones?

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Not this thread, again.

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you know, it is very weird how this same thread has been popping up for years as a topic of conversation. like, ad nauseum

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monkey see monkey do
(women are monkey tier iq)

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what is the obsession that young 4chan men have with women with tattoos, particularly hot ones?

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How about you fags finally admit that while they could look hot on women - women have abysmal taste and look shittier.

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im going to fucking lose my mind

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it shows that they have poor decision making skills, but apparently not poor enough to sleep with us. it's an infuriating conundrum

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Women adopting characteristics they find attractive on men thinking it makes them attractive.

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If a single tattoo meant I could keep the type of people who lurk on this site away from me, I'd black myself out in ink. Aposematism is a double edged sword.

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>implying they don't stay the fuck away from you already

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Generally women make bad decisions when they are not beholden to a man, furthermore society has imposed on them to try and be a man. so you get shit like:
>sleep around
>work out
>get shit faced
>see the world
Same with tattoos, men often get them without thinking much into it, and its fine for us (mostly) because who cares.

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>sleep around
Objectively bad for both genders
>work out
DYEL faggot?
>get shit faced
Fun socially and in moderation
>see the world
Objectively worth doing if you have the means regardless of gender. Kill yourself in real life you basement dwelling degenerate.

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does your gf have a boyfriend? Male feminists are the worst.

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The human experience is not feminist you stupid nigger faggot.

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So she is getting fucked by an actual man, cool.

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Double digit IQ Somali gorilla faggot

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shitty fads for shitty conformists.
>this same thread has been popping up for years
almost like the same shitty fads have been going on for years.

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big bump

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Remember this thread when you rope faggot

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I'd respect people with tattoos more if the vast majority of them didn't get thoughtless retarded doodles that a bored kid would draw on a desk or notebook.

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Would they be prepared to tattoo their face?

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And females always go full retard with tattoos and get them on their ass or tits when they should have stopped at their arms.

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Tattoos are trendy and women love hopping on stupid trends.

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There's no obsession. Young women want attention and tattoos get attention.

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Something about repelling incels and virgins apparently.

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>t. incel

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public list of their sexual mistakes

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Usually daddy issues. Sometimes they deface themselves because they're made to feel guilty about their beautiful looks. Often pressure from friends who have tattoos and the need to fit in with a clique.

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>females always go full retard with tattoos
and then they end up looking like a communist mural

>public list of their sexual mistakes
hadn't thought it like that...

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skankification is a ZOG plot

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i think tattoos are hot
prob cuz it makes me think the girl is a slut tho
but all of them arent bad

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all you have to do is ignore them and stop caring anon. There is an art to not giving a fuck, I suggest you practice it. People were saying the exact same thing you were about women with bellybutton/nose piercings in the 90’s. pointless bantz.

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as if men don't have the shittest tattoos aswell lol

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Being covered in tats is very masculine in the first place. Why not also find it hot if a woman smokes cigars, curses, and has a five o clock shadow? Why not go get raw dogged by a bunch of sailors on shore leave?

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you're a degenerate

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All tattoos are dogshit. Imagine ruining your body with doodles.

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they're fucking stupid

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And, more importantly, why does every fat chick have an ankle tattoo?

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white women and flower tattoos, like shit and piss

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here's a tasteful one

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She looks like my high school algebra notebook doodles

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they get them specifically to annoy random incels on 4chan. seems to work

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anyone with tattoos has full blown AIDS, literally tattoo artists always reuse needles

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Don't think it's that bad.

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>implying that anon is actually a woman

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Piercings were and are still ugly, young man

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only factual post itt

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Tattoos were very common in the ancient world. The examples I know off the top of my head are the Picts, the Scandinavian peoples of the early middle ages, and the Anglo-Saxons. I don't know where the strong distaste for tattoos came from, but it's nonsense.

Absolutely nothing wrong with some tasteful tattooing. Especially if they hold meaning.

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This body type is so hot. I would fuck her till my cock breaks and shes begging me to stop while pissing all over the bed from too many orgasms.

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all of the dudes with tattoos I know only have them on their arms and it's mostly stuff like an anchor because they were a marine. women gets tattoos all over their bodies that makes them look like an abandoned building in the hood.

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you might just be retarded

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That may be so, but at least I'm not pozzed

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attempt at a serious reply: young women growing into adulthood have always used adornments to show age, status, fertility, marital status. and for our generation that includes tattoos. so young girls feel the urge to get them. unfortunatley they're permanent unlike other adornments like the chocker or mini skirts

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Girl at uni, who I got on really well with, had shit all up her arm, she tried it on with me and when I told her it wasn't going to happen because I didn't like her tattoos and just wanted to be friends she got upset and didn't want anything to do with me anymore.
I'm convinced now that people with tattoos are just mentally ill weirdos.

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You're autistic.

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And you're black.

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As an Indian in a river of shit.

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Ok zoomer

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Ok boomer

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based, anorexic

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these people are the definition of mainstream, they are on the apex-position of any Gaussian distribution regarding any socially relevant feature. When tattoos were exclusive to a small subgroup, the same people wouldn't get their skins inked, they would do whatever was safe and socially acceptable yet granted them the illusion of being a rebel at that time. They don't reflect on their behavior and decisions, their thought processes are one long chain of conditional stimuli.

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this, they just copy what they see on their screen thats it, they existed int he past too by the way they were npcs then and they are now, they define nothing. Nothing.

The fashions they pick up were shit actual cutting edge people were doing 15 years ago they it catches up so they do it, and the cutting edge people already moved on to define a new aesthetic.

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It's generally a sign of low IQ and not being able to think far enough ahead to respect the permanency of tattoos.
They enjoy the adrenaline rush of getting tattoos, but they don't consciously realise that they get the rush because they're making an irreversible decision with a high risk (of regret).

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wt is this? a rabbit?

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its called freedom just stupid camel fucker

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I love fucking the shit out of them knowing damn well I'm never going to take them seriously

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Zoomers are also into pronouns and suck the dick of giant megacorps and the government, they hang themselves if you "misgender" them and they have the attention span of a gnat. Their idea of entertainment is retarded reaction videos with even more retarded thumbnails with giant arrows and soiface with bright, shiny colors. They literally believe trans "women" are women and trans "men" are men. They have the least sex of any generation in recorded modern history, have the lowest drivers license rate, and are on the most psychiatric meds of any group in history. Their confirmed diagnosis of autism is through the roof and half their blood and brains are probably made of microplastics and estrogens and forever chemicals. They're also the most obese of any generation ever.

So what was your question again? Why does the most dumbass gender ever, of the most dumbass generation ever, have such a high rate of putting dumbass permanent graffiti on their bodies?

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millenials popularized random retarded tattoos for every normie. I was there.

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personally i find tattooed women to be particularly attractive

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What is it that attracts you to them?

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some of those are temps
her real tattoos are still fucking awful

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>Scars on legs
It checks out.

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they look good in op's pic, except for that small dagger on the thigh and the heart on the shoulder the bitch tried to make herself into a garden, green bikini with light brown hair complements the easthetic

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Tattoos are great, i instantly know which girls are for fucking and chucking.

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i dont have a problem with tattoos per se, but god damn people pick the ugliest shit to put on their bodies

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Exactly; tattoos and piercing have been prevalent in our culture since the dawn of time. I hate how losers on this board are so quick to judge on some cool-looking and tasteful body art ESPECIALLY on women. I could see if the artist did a bad job or if it's a dumb tattoo but most of the tattoos i've seen in this thread are impressive.

Also side take but I've been on /fa/ to know that there are a lot of ugly and greasy people on this board with minds just as disgusting; writing a paragraph of pointless analyzation because they think they have a say in what someone should and shouldn't do with their personal freedom. If you want a tattoo; give it some time to think on it and then go get it. Life is only so short to be judged by a second-century bible belt retard or some fat loser on this board criticizing women that will never look his direction

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>old thing good

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>writing a paragraph of pointless analyzation

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Doodle tattoos are fucking atrocious. I assume anyone who makes their body look like a middle school bathroom stall is sub 100 IQ. At least just some money and some thought into something you're going to have on your body until you die.

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Skanks like her made it normalised.

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Women have made tattoos uncool.

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they're sluts

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tattoos on women = white trash identifier

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This is literally why they do it. It's an ingenious way to filter between different types of men desu

Even if I like a girl, if she has a tatoo I immediately think she's a slut, with poor decision making skills, need for validation and comfortable with these types of guys touching their bodies so I immediately disqualify them

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god tier, wood berry

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Is it an addiction they have?

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They want tattoos because they see that fashionable women have them. But well done tattoos are things their parents have. So to not be like their parents they need to have shitty tattoos.

Female psychology

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How Ukraine has fallen...

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>writing a paragraph of pointless analyzation because they think they have a say in what someone should and shouldn't do

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she hit the wall god damn

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Just say you are poor. Most successful people don’t cover their body up with their insecurities on display.

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>tasteful tattooing
>hold meaning
Be honest, anon, how many of the tattooed women you see have tasteful tattoos with meaning?
Almost none of them. For every woman that pulls tattoos off well, there are a hundred with horrid tattoos.
>"minimalist" trendy shit they saw on instagram that will be dated in two years
>crude scribbles based on prison tattoos (on a middle-class white girl)
>tacky as fuck "photorealistic" tattoos of something "cute" or "badass"
>"ironic" tribals for that y2k look that will be dated in two years

Tattoos can look good if they reflect who you are, are stylistically cohesive and informed by a certain tradition with symbolic meaning behind them. Maori tattoos, classic sailor tattoos, russian prison tattoos.

The modern trend of women's tattoos is the opposite of that. It's all instant gratification, trendy, no meaning, no cohesive style and looks horrid with the feminine fashion they usually go for. The only women who pull it off well are the ones that are very committed to some sort of alt fashion style and pick their tattoos to match that. But they are a rarity.

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Uff oh yeah holly shit I would breed forever hmmm hmmm

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hit the wall

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Women need male supervision

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that's sad. what happened? drugs?

>> No.17763786

Monkey see, monkey do.

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>those horse teeth
>those saggy titties

she's perfect

>> No.17763806

>eye bags
>rotten gums

>> No.17763808

hhnnng imagine a bj from her

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is venereal disease effay?

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The only actual reason to get a tattoo is for cultural or tribal reasons. A secondary and less justified reason is if you're a true outsider like an ex-con or neo-nazi. You aren't part of normal society and should be avoided.

In any other case, the instant I see someone with tattoos I immediately know four things:
-they're a boring generic person and hold nothing but reddit opinions
-I'm smarter than them
-I make more money than them
-I have a better relationship with my family than them

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i guess it's true what they say about russian women after a certain age. Still would tho

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the people who get tattoos are usually incredibly boring people who have enormous identity crisis events caused by the realization of how fucking boring they are. this sometimes lasts years
then they either grow out of it like it was an insecure phase or they triple down and become actual wrecks who are never happy with themselves because they simply will never be able to accept that they are neither interesting nor special

the exception is people who get actually aesthetic tattoos because they genuinely like them and you cant fix taste

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Seeing most of the thread echoing basically this same sentiment is just sad. It’s weirdly old-fashioned too, assuming that people with tattoos are malfunctioning members of society. They’re mainstream now and even accepted in work environments in trendier cities. The fact that a lot of people who get them get shitty ones in bad taste is a mark against those individuals rather than tattoos as an art. For example, it’s my personal opinion that anyone with a video game tattoo should have it forcibly burned off, but I’m not going to get on a soapbox and wax poetic about how I’m so much better than anyone with a tattoo.

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I'm getting tattoos so I can become a tattoo artist because retail/restaurant makes me want to kill myself. Yes, getting tattoos helps builds credibility and image as a tattoo artist, even if it's from other people. Yes I'm mentally ill, I hate being around people, but I like drawing for people and the people who usually want tattoos hate themselves. So it's a win win once they sign a waver.
But I can't lie, generic designs, licensed properties and brand logos are the worst you could do. I'd argue the latter are worst than your standard tribal or white person getting chink letters on their skin.

That said, I also go by the person's build, the tattoos themselves, where they're placed, how well did the tattoo artist do, how long has it been since it got a touch up. I think the people who are super against tattoos out of principle simply have their opinion, I think they can look nice. Love Yakuza tattoos (I know for a fact I could never get one, Japanese or not)/

>> No.17765989

will have to get myself a few to fit in.

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Is this an example of the motte and bailey fallacy?

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>i'm ready to settle down now

>> No.17767262

What level of self-hate exists in people like this?

>> No.17767273

What the fuck is that on her inner right thig? kinda looks like a ribcage

>> No.17767848

Yeah but it's alright and endearing if a guy looks like an ogre. Builtfat shaved head tattooed bouncer guy that looks like Shrek? Yeah that's kind of based but women are just not supposed to go for that kind of aesthetic and it just doesn't result in any cool vibes when they do it.

>> No.17767857

some shitty photoshop

>> No.17767872

It's the easiest copium for 4chan incels, basically
>"well I didn't want to have a gf anyways, she had icky tattoos"
Making threads like these is like their reassurance in the echo chamber that it's not them, it's the girls.
Kind of like how the secrets threads on /b are the reassurance threads for pedos. As long as there are other incels that agree with them they will never change and forever just be bitter spergs that purity spiral themselves to celibacy

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Well I fucked a chubby chick from the bar last Saturday so I'll back their opinion up. Graphic tees are 99% cringe, video game t-shirts are cringe, graphics on skin aren't any different. This is the fashion board not the meet and fuck board so even if there were a couple guys like that posting here, why couldn't they have fashion opinions. Gay dudes don't fuck women either and it's held in the public opinion they're pretty good at the whole fashion thing. It's unrelated.

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Only Brain in The thread, when i tell women this their mind explodes and they start coping HARD

>> No.17768605

Yes. Pre-agrarian life is the only non faggot existence we’ve ever had as a species

>> No.17768765

Fuck off Ishmael

>> No.17768769

a kid with a crayon mentality.

>> No.17768983

honestly the post you were replying to was pretty sound and not feminist-y, like neither gender should be sleeping around, working out is sick, getting shit faced is sick, and seeing the world is cool as shit

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My kryptonite

>> No.17769013

Tits sagging harder than a 80 year old, damn

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>The only actual reason to get a tattoo is for cultural or tribal reasons. A secondary and less justified reason is if you're a true outsider like an ex-con or neo-nazi. You aren't part of normal society and should be avoided.
you literally contradicted yourself with these two statements..

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>> No.17769106

what the fuck are you talking about, get a grip on reality
you are literally paying money to have scribbles on your body for the rest of your life and most people who get them could use that money to do literally anything else like going to the movies or grilling with friends literally ANYTHING yet they chose the most vain shit possible 90% of the time yeah its some insecurity about how fucking boring they are thinking that it will make them unique or be an "expression" of themselves but ultimately you are just scribbling on yourself to stand out from other people hoping that morons will think there is more to you than someone else simply because you have this garbage permanently etched into your body
and finally; i did recognize that some people just get it purely for aesthetic purposes but that argument is often used too generously to excuse bad tattoos
>the exception is people who get actually aesthetic tattoos because they genuinely like them
but as i hinted when i finished off that sentence, most of the time its a gamble and it does not end up looking good
in reality there is more to it than just "having a good looking tattoo", it has to fit in with the body too so that it does not look like some kind of tumor or out of place blotch because the human body is not a canvas like they would like to tell you sometimes
people and yourself should see your body and whatever tattoo you got should blend into it and look like it is a cohesive part of your body and not just a permanent sticker you slapped on onto yourself
that's why sleeves usually are a safe bet because they just end up looking like their name implies "sleeves"
these are examples of god awful tattoos and i would point to good examples but there is not a single on in this fucking thread
this could in theory become decent if it had a background/blended better into the body to look like a part of it

>> No.17769612

fuck she hit the wall

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Hate tattoos but the over the top degenerate slut/russian ones are cool for some reason.

>> No.17770091

She's a Slav, they pretty much always do in their early 20s

>> No.17770449

you don't hate tattoos then, retard.

>> No.17770463

Idk women can be very impulsive. The last date I went on was with this thick latina who loved getting random tattoos. Like she had a big cartoon frog right on her upper right chest. Her fat tits looked so nice tho wish I got to play with them :(

>> No.17770474

She probably had diseases

>> No.17770476

Maybe but she seemed decently put together otherwise

>> No.17770797

It shows you're a retard with money, incapable of buying more worthwhile assets (like a Rolex Submariner).

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Tattoo lost its edge now.

I remember when I was a kid, if you saw a guy with a tattoo you know hes can really beat someone up bad. Now you see it most dudes and it had lost that intimidating effect. Note the guys before doesnt have to be supper buff but man seeing skinny people with cringe autistic "art" tatts just down play it. I doubt I will ever get one.

>> No.17770970

I think the real truth is that there is only a few people that could really pull off a tattoo. Most people I see who has it has that 3 AM decision to do it. I guess I dont have to live my life with that.

>> No.17771056

Anyone with pale skin can't pull it off
Like the girl in OP

>> No.17771123

does anyone know this gook's name

>> No.17771189

This trend kind of gained popularity under the covid lockdowns, the increase in availability of diy tattoo supplies and rotary machines/needle cartridges. I personally enjoy the works and love to see the obliteration of snobbish tattoo shops and their "scratcher" labels

>> No.17772109

Ho Li-Fook

>> No.17772181

anon please I just wanna coom

>> No.17772581

no idea

>> No.17772990

make you r mind up, dickhead

>> No.17772997

I think those are stretchmarks, I have them too because I lost weight in my teens.

>> No.17773000

aside from the obvious fact that you're retarded, it is funny to think back and remember every prude disney adult i've met who decided on a small minnie mouse bow or shitty pet tattoo. i can envision you walking through a mall "disqualifying" these disgusting little sluts while you prance around in visibly damp size 31 clown shoes

>> No.17773868

You have it bad?

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Don't know but I think it's cool. I don't see why anyone would be so mad about other people permanently scribbling shit on their own body for whatever reason they might have.
Everyone is talking about bad spontaneous decisions, mental illness, solely trying to appeal to men or having daddy issues.
Can't you wrap your head around people simply enjoying the act of scribbling stuff on their body? It may be for aesthetic purposes, may be some deeper meaning shit, may be a thing that happened spontaneously for the hell of it, who knows and most importantly who cares?
How can you be such a close minded boring fuck that you generalize every person with a tattoo as an attention seeking fatherless whore that tries to compensate for her countless shortcomings by getting tattoos?

>> No.17773924

Women are ornamentors. "Less is more" is often a distant concept. Much how they'll plaster their homes with Live Laugh Love and fake birdhouses and giant wooden spoons and rugs and plants and pictures and coffee tables and coffee table books and throw blankets and pillows and more pillows and decorative pillows and vases until their husband finally breaks his leg at work and they have to hold a garage sale just to make ends meet.

>> No.17773928
File: 145 KB, 1287x1158, 0s7prstddi421-3157133028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot my image!

>> No.17773957

This is me, but without the TV

>> No.17774289


>> No.17774323
File: 483 KB, 748x957, (you).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bro stfu and gtfo we dont want you here

>> No.17774377

You post on fucking 4chan youre probably even more of an uninteresting dolt you complete and utter moron. Youre litterally echoing the same opinion 15 different anons have already shat out with their fat sausage fingers ITT, KILL YOURSELF

>> No.17774423

You are living in an echo chamber, all your opinions are based off of other fat greasy losers views on the world, kys.

>> No.17774445

Skip your meds today?

>> No.17775400
File: 156 KB, 1170x2080, 364982058_578669737576895_90491439984302401_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fuck is this shit?

>> No.17775838


>> No.17775851

He's not saying the secondary reason is good, but that it's good you are a walking red flag to avoid.

>> No.17776147

That tapeworm tattoo lmao

>> No.17776183

>roth child
it's rothschild you moron

>> No.17776229
File: 290 KB, 1440x1800, 323009621_1398568384018099_2847130812098732083_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17776273

Just imagine how retarded one should be to agree to date a girl with tattoos exclusively or even marry her. Every time I see such dumbass men I start counting months before divorce, and I have yet to see contradictory examples.

>> No.17776320
File: 485 KB, 2568x1926, 61ed7ac19ffd068de2cae73ab5187831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only acceptable tattoos on women.

>> No.17776366


>> No.17776479

NTA but I'm kekking thinking of somebody about to kick the chair while they're feeling owned in a thread. Anyway your perspective is retarded though. You'd stop conflating if you went outside and experienced difference. Not like, different viewpoints, I just mean, not a basement.

>> No.17777281


>> No.17777295
File: 4 KB, 300x168, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only acceptable tattoos are medical. Blood type, or chronic condition to let the paramedics know.
Everything else is garbage.

>> No.17777756

This is hitting the wall? She is beautiful wtf

>> No.17778154

she is 21
she looks rekt

>> No.17778617

>paw tattoo

>> No.17778622

The wall hit her, then kept htting her utill it couldnt lift their arms up anymore, like Dom Toretto in FnF1.

>> No.17778631

You just know.

>> No.17778635


>> No.17779395

>Maori tattoos, classic sailor tattoos, russian prison tattoos.
Imagine thinking these are the people you should look up to, kek. Everyone who gets tattoos is retarded, women more so because the female body is supposed to be pure.

>> No.17779400

>be 6'8" ripped+muscular chad
>girl at gym is obviously mirin (I'm the biggest guy there), seeking stupid reasons to talk to me etc.
>decide to go along with the flirting
>next time I see her notice she has a few shitty tattoos on arm and back
>instantly lose all interest
it really signals low quality tbqhfamalam

>> No.17779409

>The only women who pull it off well are the ones that are very committed to some sort of alt fashion style and pick their tattoos to match that. But they are a rarity.

The only girl I know with tats I don't mind is like this, just relatively subtle abstract graphic design-y stuff that matches her aesthetic. She also specifically avoided having meaning to them, feeling that'd lead to less potential future regret, and they're relatively small and in places she can easily hide - I basically only even know they exist because we've been roommates on and off and she hangs around in pretty skimpy stuff at home.

>> No.17779412

only really really really attractive people should get tattoos. and then even then it can only make said people look worse...


>> No.17779461

much worse

>> No.17779580
File: 2.59 MB, 1536x2048, imagem_2023-08-28_003841780.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm starting to realize women who have no tattoos are extremely rare, blackpilling.
Also wtf is up with butterfly tattoos specifically?

>> No.17779698
File: 34 KB, 338x450, blue-woad-pictish-woman-tattoos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ancient scottish women would have been pretty hot with all the tattoos bro

>> No.17779702

tranny tier
how the fuck are they so fucking ugly jesus chirst the long faces on those creatures

>> No.17780137


>> No.17780985

Such beautiful porcelain skin too

>> No.17781367 [DELETED] 

is that the cunt who killed her cat with a washing machine?

>> No.17782149
File: 493 KB, 2880x1800, gf34d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone really think she looks better with the tatts?

>> No.17782345


They're idiots.
They think that tattoos will make them more sexually attractive.

Again. Idiots.
If women have money they will surely spend it.

>> No.17782347

what a fucking mess
i've seen her around before, isn't she some ukrainian model? why did she do this to herself?

>> No.17782450

What about actual clan tattoos? Like my family are Pacific Islanders and we have actual clan tattoos passed down through generations. No doesn't look like those shitty tribal tattoos

>> No.17782549

Still shit

>> No.17782667

Tattooed skin ages like dogshit. It's way worse than usual
>inb4 they will just le remove it
No they won't

>> No.17782669

The idea of a tribal dogfaced fridge-bodied proto-glaswegian battleaxe running at me while screaming and hurling javelins is definitely something anon

>> No.17782671

That's pretty based imo

>> No.17783023

It's shit

>> No.17783102

Like all such threads, it's because OP has a fetish. Idk why but it's always the people who turn their fetish into some deeper ideology who become obsessed with talking about it online.

>> No.17783585

Bless you for trying.

>> No.17784118
File: 1.75 MB, 720x1280, 4grf.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Such a shame

>> No.17784314

Rather grim

>> No.17784483

They get one for each different cock they've had in them.

>> No.17784991

Wouldn't it be better to just note it down in a book?

>> No.17785342

the only acceptable tattoo on a woman is my name branded on to her

>> No.17785346

What's your name?

>> No.17785394

Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abdurrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi

>> No.17785469


>> No.17785674

Fetishes and ideologies are both ways to cope with fear, so it checks out imho

>> No.17785700


>> No.17786192

Why do women always get silly shit like flowers, butterflies and love hearts?

>> No.17786210

How about you admit the world wasn't made to cater to your tastes?

>> No.17786426

Checked! Not sure. It would be nice if they picked something more aesthetic or a good theme that matched with their overall look.
I actually find her attractive in this. Her recent pics in my opinion have looked worse than her older pics. Not sure why she looks good in motion but not in static pics.
The shirt makes her shoulders look bigger.

>> No.17786679


>> No.17787095

They’re not very smart.

>> No.17788436


>> No.17788853

Have you seen a woman with tattoos? If not, you're good

>> No.17788870

>human experience
Outside of inhaling/exhaling and walking around on two feet there is no such thing you boundless faggot. If the "human" experience is in any way unitary we wouldn't "need" diversity, It is filtered and experienced via macro lenses of sex, race, ethnicity, ethnic culture, local culture, etc. as well as infinite micro-lenses

>> No.17788871

Depends what they look like, show pic

>> No.17788893
File: 711 KB, 710x1391, Tarim_Basin_Mummy_Tattoo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

women were beautifying themselves with tattoos hundreds of thousands of years ago bud

>> No.17788904

>beautifying themselves

>> No.17789074

makes daddy upset. and upset mean hot and bothered. and that neabs they might have a better shot getting with thier father in a steamy sexxo.

>> No.17789109

not the white ones

>> No.17789163

I thot yt ppl was kingz n shit tho?

>> No.17789739

those were actually black people

>> No.17790203
File: 290 KB, 1170x2080, 374386399_844360506900739_5104990195095453770_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Katya went bad :(

>> No.17790225

It's called bi-polar disorder.

>> No.17790304

tattoos are rather feminine when you think about it
all visual no substance
its basically a replacement for having real interests, intellect, and personality
Just slap on a few tattoos to seem profound and just go on with your vapid lifestyle

>> No.17790311

The thing a lot of modern men don't understand is women actively want to repel small-minded, sheltered white kids. You are their equivalent to a fat single mom.

>> No.17791187

No matter how much I want a tradwife without tattoos. I'm still going to fuck a woman with full body tattoos that extend across her face tomorrow.

>> No.17791253

>particularly shitty ones?
shitty women? why do you care what shitty women do?

>> No.17791261

It keeps undesirable (according to them) males away.

>> No.17791331

Seethe harder faggot I’ve got enough money to go to the movies and grill with my friends AND get scribbles on my body because it’s fun :)

>> No.17791378

You seem very upset

>> No.17791391

It's a good warning sign to stay the fuck away from them. It sucks when you hit it off with a girl and she turns out to have tattoos when you get her naked, it's better when they're in display.

>> No.17791398

But it’s really weird. Most women generally have a good sense of what looks good. Most seem to have decent taste when it comes to Interior design and fashion for example. But when they’re getting tattoos it always turn out absolute dogshit for some reason. I don’t understand. They either always get the most basic ass shit they saw on Pinterest, or get a bunch of edgy ones in random combination with no coherence. I have never seen a girl irl with (many) tattoos that look appealing.

>> No.17791401

Can some of you simps who defend ugly tattoos actually post some examples of women with appealing tattoos?

>> No.17791847

Not nearly as upset as who I was replying to lol

>> No.17791868

He seemed perfecrly fine

>> No.17791879

Don't expect an answer.

>> No.17791885

How the fuck is this shitty thread still active. Why do you losers come to the /fa/ board if none of you give a flying fuck about fashion. Back to your containment board mouth breathing retards

>> No.17791889

Relax, sweetheart

>> No.17791992

Women and niggers are biggest consumers and impulsive spenders, which is why our entire capitalist society is centered around them . Women and niggers are saints because the irrationally throw money around like, well like women and niggers.

>> No.17792067

It's because women are NPCs, so they blindly follow trends and use them for grabbing attention and "express themselves". But since they're dumb NPCs, they don't know what they're doing. All they care about is the end result of getting a tattoo.

>> No.17792234


>> No.17792501
File: 20 KB, 300x250, 3rec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]