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Anyone actively trying to voicemaxx? I have a highpitched voice for a male. I've been doing voicetraining exercises. Considering doing a cycle of testosterone and trenbolone, but don't want to lose my hair. Surgery is also a potential option. Personally, I think baritone is the most effay voice. Currently a tenor.

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I'm voicemaxing by doing light voice exercise and reading Seneca's letters to Lucilius out loud. I'm a teacher, and I noticed a difference in my delivery, my pronunciation and tembre improved.

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Give me a QRD on how to go about this or what to look up to read about it? I hate my voice.

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Smoke tobacco for that good sounding Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra voice. Unfiltered smokes.

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OP here.

Good idea. Especially reading outloud and recording it to listen to yourself.

Look up exercises on YouTube. Voice training videos are mostly aimed at troons, but the exercises work for anyone.

I play flute, practice combats sports, and don't want cancer . . . so hard pass.

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how do i get a gay accent

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Take it up the poop pipe.

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>Considering doing a cycle of tren
How did you get that idea?

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i dont have a bf

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Nofap unironically. Anytime I'm a nofap my voice always gets deeper. Try it before you start doing stupid shit like surgery.

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Please by in Perth

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Tobacco smoking is not going to cause cancer for most people and the risk of it is only significant for those smoking more than ten a day.

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Please be in Perth

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no sorry i live in burgerland

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>How did you get that idea?

Test and to a greater extent, tren, has the side of effect of thickening the vocal folds this making the voice deeper. Called "tren voice".

I can manage no fap for about three hours. Literally just had a wank in the disabled loo at work.

It'll still lower your lung capacity. I vaped for about a year and I felt like I lost 20% of my lung capacity during that time, tobacco is likely much worse.

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Tren also royaly fucks up your hormone production