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Do women actually thibk that they look good with short hair, or do they do it to rebel against the patriarchy because they know that we hate it when they do this?

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That girl is cute and ur a faget if you dont see it

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She's cute despite the short hair and would look much better if it were long

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She is lazy and won’t take the time to work on long hair. Just remember: short haired girls are lazy

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It's just a "make your parents mad" thing like piercings and tattoos. Women don't actually think deeply enough to form opinions that aren't just reactionary emotions

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that woman looks very good, have you considered taking a bath?

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some women have nicely done short hair
some women do it to rebel against the patriarchy
there is minimal overlap between the two, but cavemen tend to conflate all women with short hair with the latter

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Short hair on stacked women drives me fucking nuts

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It depends on the woman and the style. You posted a dyke. Here is Yulya Volkova from t.A.T.u. with short hair. Do you see the difference?

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OP pic is more attractive because there's some amount of modesty instead of basically having her tits out in public like this whore

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do you actrually think anyone cares for your opinions on their hair

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The bitch in the OP is more attractive? You must be smoking crack
>She’s a whore
Eh yeah she was pimped out at 15 by a record label and proceeded to make lesbian songs with another teenage Russian girl throughout the early 00s…sex sells
>the girl in the OP is more modest
Sure thing pal. All women are whores. She’s wearing skin tight clothing and if she had tits I’d see ‘em through her shirt. She’s wearing booty shorts that go up to her pussy lips, and she’s intentionally trying to show as much skin as possible, hence the crop top and belly button
Admit you just prefer redheads and your team Lena Katina

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And anyone who says Yulya would look better with long hair is dead wrong

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I think I’ve proven short hair can look as good on girls as long hair on guys

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Just because you curate your aesthetics and political beliefs around the opposite gender, doesn't mean everyone else does.

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i'm so glad that eyebrow style has died down

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OP is more attractive any day of the week. That Russian girl looks Asian.

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Short hair looks good on some women but not all

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most of russia is geographically in asia anon
>looks asian
blue eyes?

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My parents were the ones that cut all my hair off when I was a kid. First they gave me a bowl cut like I was an old asian man and then they made me keep my hair short when I was a teenager but they let me cut it myself.

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that's a man

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>that's a man

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All women nowadays have cocks. at least they look like they do. All we have left are dolls and cartoons

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this is funny because that's daisy taylor

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I agree with your statement but don’t like your evidence

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they make me rock hard

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She got fat, and had an onlyfans

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Only truly beautiful women can pull off short hair. Long hair hides facial imperfections

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this, its like buzzcut for men

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Only truly beautiful women can pull off anything. I like tomboys so I prefer a short haired good looking girl to a long one personally though
And to take it a step further, only good looking people look good. Men and women. Goes for clothes, hair, etc. You’re not really making much of a point

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>posts hot tomboy
>pretends he doesn't like it
fuck you then i'm not posting more

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she got disgusting pig fat

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Wrong that is a womanly woman
Cope and seeth

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Name? I wanna see if Party has leaked it yet

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This one is better

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Na go back to the other one

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Where might one find depictions of this fine specimen's butthole?

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Ugly and the hair isn’t even short

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Hair can grow

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Face is shit

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lolling at the upside down textbook

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Daisy has the best feet in the trans girl industry

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Anon I don't give a fuck, that bitch could be bald and I'd still hit

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Retract your words

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Na this is the kind of bitch dudes post as examples of “short haired girls are unattractive” Sorry. Maybe she’s you’re oneitis or something and I respect it but she’s not “conventionally attractive” - just fills your niche

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My gay ass downloaded an entire 30gb torrent of his stuff. Worth it.

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That's Daisy Taylor. He passes, and is cute, but he has a cock and yeah, traps are gay and I say this as a trap lover.

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got a link bro, or a name

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Thread took quite the turn

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This is now a Daisy Taylor thread

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Who are you going to trust? Your own mind, or the words of an admitted trap lover who can also admit that its fucking gay?

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Unusual hairstyles work on very few women, but when it fits it's stunningly novel.

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what's the new style again?

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Short hair on the right woman literally makes me diamonds, it is hot as fuck

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I wish there was a single porn of her where she's not fucking some veiny dude's asshole, why does transgender porn always have to show a sissy boomer getting his ass reamed

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based daisy enjoyer

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no she doesn't

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That's a dude

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I'm not particular on long or short hair for women, it's the face for me; but this woman's hair is absolutely fantastic.
Is that just "normal" bedhead or some kind of product in there?

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That's a man

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we were having sex (Club Penguin) online and flirt for many hours,,time pass and we get taken down ing and i pulle out my(5.5 inche) but then this girl (???) also take out

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Short hair opens up the face and makes cute girl even lovelier.

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This. It enhances pretty women but is a detriment to women that are already ugly. That being said, even cute girls with super short cuts or a buzz don’t really fair well

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they do it specifically to piss of autistic retards on 4chan

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she's pretty cute

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>we hate it
Turbo faggot.

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real life jojo character

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> all jojos are britney
I knew this subconsciously but I could never pinpoint who exactly they all reminded me of

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id fuck gyro no matter what gender fr fr

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>cavemen tend to conflate all women with short hair with the latter
because normally there's no other reason to intentionally make yourself uglier

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Attractive women look good with short hair. Women who are average or below are almost always better off with long hair. It's kind of like guys trying to rock the bald look, not realizing maybe 1 in 4 guys at most will look good shaved and the rest look like potatoes and eggs.

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The truth is short hair never looks good. Men should wear it moderately long or just shave it. Women should always wear it long.

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I await your apology

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>I think I’ve proven short hair can look as good on girls as long hair on guys
you haven't proven anything. that's medium-length hair and no one was talking about it. some girls can indeed look better this way with a proper hairdo. now compare her with the short-haired bull dyke in the OP

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you wish, troon. ywnbaw, you have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs.

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Imo only east Asian women look good with short hair. Maybe not even koreans

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some can pull it off, light skin latinas with blonde pixie haircut is my weakness

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I love it.
The majority of women I've had sex with had short hair.

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It was so ridiculous how the creator kept pretending he wasn't turning this character into fetish bait for years.

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The long hair girl mogs that mop head.

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id bang both but ya u can have the read head and leave the dark haired one for me

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>or just shave it
cope baldlet

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Cope yourself. You just have a bad head shape and can’t pull it off. Even if you weren’t to shave having a good head shape is an essential foundation for your hair

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Lads on here daily like "where can I get a cute tomboy short hair gf" would suggest that different people have different taste.

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the only instance short hair looked good on girls were over the top 80s hair

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Same. But to me it's way more about "the right woman". The hair is not even the icing on the cake, more like the cherry on top. But yes, when short hair looks good on a woman, it's truly next level.

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It's a mix of gender ideology and young women convincing each other that it looks good. So both

From looking at this thread I believe a good rule of thumb is that if it looks like anime hair like >>17645241 or >>17645271 it looks great, but if it's completely shaved or mimics a mans cut verbatim like >>17645147 or >>17651390 it looks like shit. Basically it needs a feminine flare, a crucial component that the gender goblins ignore.

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short hair is /fa/ and a pleb filter

like listen to this guy. he sounds like a tourist.

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if you dress/cut hair/do whatever to try to attract someone else, you're a moron

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yeah twiggy had a million great short-hair looks

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this is where they got paltrow's look in the royal tenenbaums

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and of course there was

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brałbym jak żyd kamienice

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Kara went from this

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To this. What should I say to her? I think I'm going to ask how her hair looks now long/short?

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Damn she went from hot to fucking ugly. Women are so stupid.

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terrible hair style, great armpit