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Which facial hair is the most /fa/ option?

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Pretty obvious from your pic already. Always clean shaven.

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In a society full of minoxidil, neckbeards and shitty pubic hair looking beard, clean shave is the best option.

You will look clean and younger

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Clean shaven if you're good looking, beard if you're ugly

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Mustache + stubble

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Where do you shave the neckline though

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two fingers

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clean shave, simple as
everything else is reddit level cope
life was great until redditors discovered beards

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Stubble is best. This board is full of low T faggots who can't grow a beard so that's why they shill clean shaven so much. Clean shaven was never the norm in human history before WW1 and that's because soldiers had to be clean shaven to wear gas masks. Don't let these faggots fool you, grow a nice stubble. It will make you look more manly without hiding your face.

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this. too many asians and testlets seething because they can't grow a beard and are permatwinks

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