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Rate my drip

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underage b&/10

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Cliche blazer, photo taken in retirement home. 4/10.

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is that kuz

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This will actually suit you in 20-30 years, lmao.

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1. Same colour jacket and jeans. Kids dress in all one clour and that looks poor.
2. You've got a winter weight fabric jacket on.
3. Black (t-shirt?) and blue jacket is not a good combination. It also appears to be a short sleeve t-shirt which is also bad. Jacket is also stained on right sleeve and slightly short for you. See sleeves too.
4. Jeans are that ugly level of between too faded and not faded enough. As an aside, jeans, on the whole, are a nightmare of dressing with a jacket. The rule should be - the jacket should always be 'thicker' material than the trousers, which I presume is why you weight with a winter weight material jacket and why the only 'idiot proof' way of combining them with a jacket is by going with leather.
5. Shades look incongruous with outfit. Start basic and go from there: non brown reflective ray ban style, aviators, etc. Go square-ish with your face. Rounded glasses would look very poor with your features.

6/10. You're trying, and trying more than most, but you're young and making a few mistakes.

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