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I just copped this modular sling + mini sling combo

What are you using as an everyday bag?

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The smaller one zips onto the larger one for a combined mode

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The larger one expands to become a crossbody tote

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Or you can attach some accessory straps to wear it as a backpack

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Model pics to show sizing

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I desperately want this expandable bag but it’s sold out in black

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Looks like a giant larva

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It's small but it's nice.

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Petit Pli “Mini Orb”

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need a small sling bag for ciggies, cash and other small items when I'm going out
opinions on this one?

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Just some cheapo bag made of rough cotton
Phone, money, water bottle, a book

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recommend me a nice fanny pack that isn't black for my black sneakers, black jeans, black t-shirt outfit

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would this go well with a full black outfit?

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If you stand too close to this Sam Neill goes insane and starts slaughtering the rest of the crew