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what's his endgame

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circling back to normiecore

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is he wearing something under his shirt

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My nigga Kanye got shit taste in women, he should abandon that disgsutin balkan, kardashian type of girls and go full nordic type. With Julia Fox he did it right, but i guess his sensation for his Ex kicked back.

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I want to fill her belly button with my cum

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>what's his endgame
climbing shoes

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Battle armor

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God damn he's so fucking based. I haven't copped any of his shoes yet but those sock lookin niggas are so good

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she's one of the most fa women on the planet

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>what's his endgame

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most based coon alive

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Why is he wearing a shirt that says police on the chest? Isn't that illegal?

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the jws broke his mind. he makes a full backflip and now behaves like a schizophrenic junkie. probably got some therapy. it wouldnt surprise me if he got suicided.

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It is not illegal to dress like a police officer or drive around in a car that's marked like a police car. However, it is illegal to pose as an officer and attempt to make an arrest, stop traffic, or do anything a cop would actually do.

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We already had this thread, you slowass dolt, with a better OP than yours too. >>17637133

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Kanye will never not be based to me all because he own's a giant model of Char's Zaku.

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It probably is in Germany but this isint Germany

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world of warcraft tier body type

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Isn't wearing football pads around like that uncomfortable

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its vetements you uncultured swine

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Knowing about meme brands doesn't make you cultured, pleb

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Am I gay if I find this woman absolutely vile to look at?
fake tits and nipple piercings out in public is so fucking trashy I feel disgusted. I’m more into petite ladies

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imagine being on a fashion board and having solace in not knowing one of the most prominent brands and iconic designs in fashion history

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his endgame is "stop fucking copying me"

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>one of the most prominent brands and iconic designs in fashion history
Damn fashion is in the fucking gutter these days

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it was released like 6 or 7 years ago; not sure why you're on this board touting your ignorance

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he looks like a fucking home plate umpire

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'nam-core is the style of 2023

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>this is the best defense that can be offered for vetememes

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His wife's fetish is taming a villanous police man in a war torn contry with her magical pussy.

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he dressed her like he does all of his women

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not even remotely the same

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i'd say red is pretty similar to red

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It says polizei so unless he's wearing it in a german speaking country hes fine

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She looks hot but isn’t she a single mom with a super low iq?

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he’s not a cosplayer retard

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then why did you put the images side by side as though he was

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is shoulder frauding the new shoe lifts

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No, he's always had wide shoulders

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Ye is an honorary white Aryan, he has my vote for 2024

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Throwing shit at the wall until something sticks
Same goes for his music in the last 10 years

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>honorary white Aryan
Have sex polcel

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fucking kek man this is why i like the guy he always ends up surprising me or making me laugh

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>dumb people don’t know they’re dumb

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No he's just built different.

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buckbroken and crawling back to the jews

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wow, he looks like he's aged a lot

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>what's his endgame
orcmaxxing and defeating the alliance

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He looks ten times better

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hes that guy

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imagine having COMPLETE control over your wife's appearance, and when you finally trot her out in public everyone immediately says how she looks exactly like the goofy white guy deep dicking your ex that you are obsessed with. and you are so embarrassed by this (because it exposes you as an insecure, closeted faggot who wants to fuck your exwife's lover) you put a fucking tshirt over your wife's face to hide it until you can figure out what to do about her newly dyed, short blond hair.

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he's just a cringe byproduct of the king of normcore

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it's actually a good look if you're fat or not skinny
broad shoulders will make for lack of good proportions
looking like an orc or a football player is better than looking like a fat neckbeard
and let's be honest he's not getting taller nor thinner so this is a good option

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to be honest she looks way better than Kim
only a contrarian would deny that
she's younger and supportive, unlike Kim who¡'s probably a bitch just like jada

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just to make a point
shoulder pads should be a thing

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Bruh... Ye has no arms as it is, shoulder pads only accentuate no arms. I'm listening wendell

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Yeah, honestly there's something disturbingly hot about how much of a trashy sex-doll she looks like.

No attempt to hide it. Fake tits, piercings, no bra. She's fine with everyone seeing she's a bimbo.

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I wonder how many of the popped collar npcs would have thought twice if they knew the fad originated from anime.

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Julia fox looks like a gross heroin addict. Not even supermodel heroin chic, she just looks trashy

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think he still has influence on the next fashion cycle? He's trying to cultivate some dystopian style for himself next ever since this beut at balenciaga. Probably living out his cyberpunk fantasy but can't commit fully since it's summer.

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also censori is such a fitting name

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he's done and even if he wasn't he's effectively """"cancelled"""" that it's the same thing

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honestly, i genuinely like kanye's fashion sense. it's giving post apocalyptic yet comfy, loud yet subdued enough to blend in, his 350 line of sneakers are honestly fresh, comfy and multipurpose im not so sure about the rest of his shoe line other than the chunky sandals which are great and the horrid looking foam runners which are honestly one of the most utilitarian motherfuckers out there, ugly ass shoes but they are quite literally the "crocs" of sneakers. for better or worse.

kanye being cancelled sucks but this could be the best thing that has happened to him because IF he recovers his fashion connections and gets back to it he will be absolutely free to do whatever he wants, what's the public going to do? cancel him again? can't kill the dead

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hate to break it to you but thats not normcore

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you wish faggot
that crap doesn't mean shit, he'll drop a new album or do something crazy again without even trying and everybody will be talking about him again
reminder Adidas dropped for like a month but they're selling Yeezys again

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>yetard from a flyover state
they're selling old stock to move them, it isn't a rekindled partnership faggot
he's done, look how long it took gaultier to quietly come back after going on his own jew rant and getting blackballed

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Just bow to the king

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The same people that tried to black ball me forgot about two things
My black balls

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Holy cuck fetish

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>Holy cuck fetish!
Back to red dit you stupid faggot

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insane how much of a chud you are lmao

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Ye should of done the costumes for dunc

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That thing next to him is his new handler

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I hate Pete Davidson so much it's unreal. At least 50% of his comedy is him saying 'uh' and giggling. The man does not deserve even a modicum of his success.

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This. This is the end game.

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If you cant appreciate that the true Aryans are the friends we made along the way, you are even lower then the lowest polcel.

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It's better to have based Kanyes or half black like me being obsessed over white girls than thousands of lonely mentally handicapped right wingers.
Kanye and half blacks like me will save utopia with blonde barbies supporting us.
Kanye got me into cargos by the way.

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the final solution

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incredibly dorky

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>based kanye
>Kneels back to the jews

Jews keep the goyim seething for ever