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why do women get this stupid hairstyle. she'd be way cuter if she just did her hair normally

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Well it’s a quirky modern style. I don’t know what you consider a normal style but it does hide how round her face it

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bro the hair is not the problem

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It’s called fashion. This cut will get you laid in Baltimore. Maybe she’s not trying to appeal to your basic bitch sensibilities ok. Ever think of that?

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Who cares, she is just a hole.

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Very grug tier response. This is important to us. Why are you even on a fashion board? Do you go on cooking message boards and say “who cares if it’s healthy or if tastes good, it’s only sustenance”?. Get the fuck out of here, incel.

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I don't have an issue with haircut in picrel but this is a foolish message since women can get laid regardless of how fucked up their hair is

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Most in the time it's mentally deranged girls that style like this. Similar to bright haircolors.
Why would i go with someone that ruin my steady progress in life?

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Majority of the time, it's a haircut chosen by abuse victims.

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desire for mystique

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Three words for you:

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its usually self cut because poor

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Lose weight
Lose glasses
Lose nose ring
Normal haircut
Boom from a 3 to a 6.
I understand not everybody can afford to get their teeth sorted cause it's expensive but that'd be next on the list.

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did the mods transfer this thread from another board?

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Based, as a half black they're my biggest fetish

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Female autism.

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i like that gay ass one every girl is doing now. kinda like that except shorter and they part their bangs in the middle.

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I hope she sees this.

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jack o' lantern teeth and stupid glasses. the hair is not the problem

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Be real. If she wasn’t a mid 5/10 girl you’d find her hot and not give a shit about the hair style. That’s not what you’re really criticizing here

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if i see a bitch having this haircut i just assume she's retarded

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ive yet to see a woman i find attractive with this hair style. even women whom i was quite smitten with at least on a superficial aesthetic level had nice long hair tied up in a bun or whatever and then got this weird 80s trashy revival look. also rating women out of 10 is fucking cringe bro, touch grass

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Lmao stay at home moms cannot make their own hours at all. You are a slave to your children’s schedules. She’s in for a rude awakening.

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i hate this trend of these fucking 'tradwives' posting tiktoks. a true tradwife wouldn't do stupid shit like this. you can tell these are whores who will abandon this aesthetic as soon as a new thing becomes popular

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Hides massive foreheads and frauds IPD distance as well with the side parts. Most women with pulled back long hair are ugly.

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>This cut will get you laid in Baltimore
I love when people confidently speak about shit they have no idea about.
Nigga that shit is one step up from a mullet and we've managed to quarantine the mullet wearers in Dundalk (mostly). The only people in the city who look like that by choice are the MICA kids and lesbian roller derby girls who aren't really lesbian and will suck your dick if you answer their craigslist add.

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ugly haircuts, clothes, and makeup are how sapphic chicks find each other. i'm not even joking. you're giving them the reaction they want, assuming you're not a lesbian (and you aren't).
nothing says "trad" like posting your life on tiktok specifically for coomers. also, she needs to lose some fuckin weight yikes

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I had a crush who has been a professional instagram model(as in real marketing before instagram became a frontend for prostitution) and when she had this hairstyle she was mid

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Nigger penis is your fetish?

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she's perfect bros. we could be terrible together

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I honestly hate this stupid "trad" shit. This is the most boring mid woman I've ever seen. Even if you want a woman to be nothing but a chef and a fleshlight don't you want someone who has some semblance of a personality and some light behind the eyes?