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I'm going to the mall tomorrow.
Haven't been there in 10 years.
Where should I go, what should I buy?

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Go to the food court, get yourself an orange Julius

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Honestly FPBP. I just got one the other day and it really hit the spot. Most standalone DQs don't even have OJ stuff in them, it's a bummer

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can you look up the clothing stores at the mall and copy/paste here

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Cinnabon and get me one too

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Mainly J.crew also banana republic and Nordstrom also Levi’s if you need jeans. Abercrombie and fitch might have something you like but their aesthetic is more zoomer niggermimicry than classic and classy like jcrew is.

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does your mall have a movie theatre go see a kino

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a kebab

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>like jcrew is
overpriced garbage relative to the quality

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