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How to reduce or get rid of blush? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I assume this is health and beauty related so /fa/?
So when I'm at home I think I look pretty decent in the mirror but when I go out I get redness and it makes me insecure. Skincare did help a bit but I wonder if I'm missing anything I don't know about.

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Rosacea. I have it too.

It's mainly caused by demodex mites.

Go to a dermatologist and ask for metrogel, or better yet ivermectin cream. Apply that shit everyday on your face.

Retinol also helps, with sunscreen everyday.

My rosacea went from severe to very mild by taking heavy doses of probiotics for a year. We're talking 100 billion probiotics per capsule everyday. I also ate fermented organic sauerkraut loaded with trillions of good bacteria everyday. A cup full everyday.

Rosacea can be healed with probiotics because a weakened immune system causes an overgrowth of skin mites which cause the redness, and probiotics boost/heal the immune system.

My rosacea is very mild today and it's getting even better since starting ivermectin cream.

Hope this helps OP

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I forgot to add, seabuckthorn soap helps as a cleanser, reducing redness

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Thank you anon

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Blush is hot, there's fewer things I find more attractive than when a pale woman's face and chest turn red due to the hot weather.

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what can a ginger anon do ?

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I'm a guy anon. Idk if that makes a difference.