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What is the most effay hair length for a woman?

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It depends entirely on aesthetic, face, and hair type.

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That's just disgusting

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either a shoulder length french bob, or ass-length
no in between

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floor duster

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Between low back and ass.

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Tomboy-ish short. Nothing shorter than a pixie cut, and up to a bob in length
You’re a low-T fag with caveman brain who must think “man hair short woman hair long otherwise it’s gay *grunt grunt grunt*”

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good god she's ugly

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And you know she looks way worse without the filters and clown levels of makeup

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Waist length maybe? Too long makes you look square form behind when open. So just long enough to not fuck up hourglass by not hiding waist?

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but i hate having to drag my women into my cave by their limbs

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I'm the type who believe the longer, the better. My sweet spot is between classic length and mid-thigh length, though I think I could probably go longer. Just for fun, I consider mid-back or waist length to be the shortest hair I'd consider effay.

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Yulya volkova. Iconic. Many faps

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Hair down to the ass is such an ick, either anywhere from buzzed to armpit length is prime

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Girls with waist length hair always have some complex mental issues involving attachment and being unable to let go of things

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That's a man ain't it?

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How many threads have you asked this in, this is like the 5th one I’ve seen now

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Not saying it because I notice anything strange at first sight, I just know. Nature knows.

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Bob cut or similar for sure. Done poorly looks like shit. Done well looks superb but clean.

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No. Men's hair doesn't get that long. The anagen (hair growth) phase for men is short enough so our hair rarely gets longer than mid-back.

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Picrel is perfect hair lenght

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ITT: Sexual deviants (homosexuals, autogynephiles, porn addicts et cetera). A woman’s hair should reach her waist.

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Wolf cuts on brunette white women.
All other 'opinions' discarded.

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Absolutely Disgusting