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Can I wear makeup as a guy? Is it okay if it's noticeable like this?

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it's spelled "gay" not "guy" dipshit

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As a straight guy can I

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You can as a straight gay

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i think a lot of guys wear concealer and like colour corrector and stuff. i wouldnt go any further than that unless you wanna come across as a fag tho. im a fag so lemme give you some advice. do your skincare routine and wait fully for it to dry like 10 minutes. then put primer on the areas youre gonna apply makeup and wait another 5 minutes to fully dry. then apply the whatever liquid concealer or colour corrector youre using and wait another 5 minutes for it to fully dry. after that if youre putting on any powders put those on now. then mist a couple times with your setting spray. if you dont wait for your face to dry between applying different wet products your makeup will look like picrel

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Got any lingerie sissy faggot?

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yea im a tranny i wear makeup every day

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did you buy a pack of stock images just to shitpost

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ask yourself this: will make-up turn you into Jack Sparrow or will it turn you into buffalo bill?
and if you say buffalo bill ask yourself this:
are you even as aesthetic as buffalo bill?

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People say the center of my face is red and I may have early rosacea. Advice on reducing redness?

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Like i said, colour corrector. It comes in liquid or dry palettes. Also remember to think in cmy not ryb. You will have to experiment a couple times in the mirror before you figure out what your face needs. Dont go too heavy on it, subtlety is important.

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>Can I wear makeup as a guy?
Only when you have tits. Post them or gtfo.

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azelaic acid