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This effay sagger thug chad superman could fuck my sister, wife and mom in front of me and I'd just be checking sports news on my phone

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Tell me what's so effay about sagging. Never understood it.

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Report sagger posts. Sage sagger threads.

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sagger thug chad - rocker god fuuuck

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Are we being raided or something? Where did this come from

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who is this mr puffy nipples

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Why do people put dates on them that are way way before they were born?

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Nigger thing that started with 2pac

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nice gyno

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sagger thug chad = uninhibited effay = *fire* af

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Of fucking course posters from the muttland of Europe would be gay as shit.

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God I hate **GGERS

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It's unbelievably sexy when wiggas do it

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man has a pretty ass... would sniff and rim

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Why is a stereotypically black thing sexy when a trashy white guy does it? What am I not getting?

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okay, this guy actually pulls it off

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>sports fan is a beta cuck
Not surprised.

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Pls be female

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I'm a man.
Not sure. It's ugly when blaqs do it but sexy when wiggas do it. I can't explain why.

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Why are wiggas who wear jeans so damn sexy????? Kinda want a wigga bf.

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wtf goin on here

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This man is so fucking sexy. Where do i find a sexy brown bf like him??? With a beard and a thicc ass??? This is exactly what I want!!!! Yes, I will do the cooking and cleaning!
Any more pics of this sexy man?

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>Where do i find a sexy brown bf like him???

uhhh ... don't think that sagger thug is brown

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looks like he's an arab or latin american, probably puerto rican. no way he's white. but anyway, i would definitely love to sniff, rim, and squeeze his plump ass. Those pics are making me feel some certain ways. I LOVE IT

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bump for cutie sagger bfs

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yeahh ikr so haaawwwt fuuuck

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control yourself man

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who 2pac?

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I want a sexy BF. Hard to control myself my nigga.

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he's just europoor

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any more pics of his sexy ass? why is sagging so damn sexy

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u love dat sagger ass buddy

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i really do, it's so sexy and i can't explain why. i love man ass

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So fucking sexy

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you're really jonezing for more sagger butt lol

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I can't help myself. Sagging is extremely hot when anyone except blaqpipo do it.

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are you blaq perchance?

you should ask OP to post more oc sagger pics

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Not blaq. Just don't think sagging is sexy when blaqs do it. But it's very very sexy when anyone else of any other race does it. I can't explain why sagging is hot. It just is...
OP, please provide more pics of sexy effay saggers. Thank you.