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Another day, another sagger thug chad mogging this entire board to hell and back lmao. Imagine the confidence and low inhibition it takes to wear your pants so low to the point where your dick print and ass are publicly visible at all times. “Yeah you can see my dick and ass, got a prob bro?” Sagger thug chads making bitches wet 24/7 and making high waisted jean-wearing /fa/gs seethe with rage :p

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this is some gay zoomer, real chads don't wear pants outside

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whats the meaning if its on the right and blue

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You know sagging is a way of signaling you're a bottom, right?

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You’d never dare say this to a sagger thug chad irl because then you’d be the one getting your shit pushed in bro frfr

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you're the one displaying your bussy bro

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anal bottom kek

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moarrr sagger thug swagger

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Bump. Best thread in the catalog rn.

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/fit - fa/ sagger thug king fr

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rwondo il bislungo

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Why is this being spammed?

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its a gay thing

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90s sagger - core is apparently seeing huge fashion revival in NYC and LA

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>its a gay thing


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You'll go to hell, thug shaker fag. It's not too late to stop trying to fuck nigger ass and repent.

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effay anime femboy teacup ngl