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What happened to this board. Where are the old posters, Me, Sieg, Cursed? Its just Drake left.

Anyway what sort of braces are the most effay for an adult.

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4chan in general is dying because there are so many more options online to discuss interests. Even the young friendless virgins are on Instagram and TikTok these days so the niche 4chan carved is being occupied by more obvious options. The entire website is dying, not just particular boards, because literally every board you visit talks about how their board in particular is dying, talking about the glory days from 2008-2016.
It kind of sucks because fashion is at an all time high as far as popularity and acceptance in the mainstream, meanwhile this board is essentially dead, and fashion discussion outside of 4chan is normie, basic, and boring. I want to talk about fashion with regular ass people, not within the comments of some influencer, and I sure as hell don't want my name attached because then ego is a factor and I can't be blissfully honest. Sometimes I look around for better options and genuine, general discussion is not a thing.

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Is Igor still around?

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that's a man

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Based slutcore, pro beating women, Bois Imperial, pro hairy masculine male, cargo postings sorted out the niggers from the superior niggers.

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moderation has killed 4shit.
igor is still around, dreaming about black cocks, deluding himself about him not being a raging faggot, trying to break his own neck for gains
and also lmao, outside of igor none of those people are actual oldfags, you are one post away from crying about froggy being gone