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bone structure and fat percentage

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Get a new turtle neck the doesn’t look like a loose vagina and it’ll look decent.

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he is to old for /fa clothes

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We associate that type of sweater with womenswear. That one specifically might be genuinely menswear due to the sizing and fitment, but the neck isn't something men wear, and older men typically aren't nearly as capable to push boundaries of gender norms. Put this fit on a 20-something cute skinny dude with longish brown hair and a beanie with slightly different styling of each piece and it would be passable.

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/pol/ core

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narrow shoulders
hunched posture

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I like the pants if nothing else.

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>What’s wrong with this fit
The person wearing it + it's too baggy.
Receding hairline, glasses, narrow shoulders, rough looking skin, pale, rough looking facial hair.

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creepo core

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same exact issue with every stupid motherfucker, fit and profile. sweater is for children's bodies and highlights his estrogenized frame, the color pallette is neutral and appealing, the choice of fabrics is well suited for the look he was going for, the only thing wrong is the onions-father masculinez signaling cheap boots.

if the sweater was one size larger the profile would compliment his scrawny frame and his hips wouldn't be twice the size of his pinhead.

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this sweater fits correctly, there will never ever be a sweater that looks good that fits true to your size.

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Weird shoes and BIZARRE collar. If that were a turtle neck or crew neck and the shoes had laces, it would look great. The colors are all nice.

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> bad bone structure of the skull
> balding
> glasses
> being ugly
> being old
> being fat

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all of it

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>you will never be a twink

Post-/pol core

What kind of pants are they?

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1. The fit of his clothes don't seem to compliment his body at all. The giant neck and baggy waist of the sweater kind of mask his masculine features, making him look like bread dough. I don't know who that sweater was made for. Pants fit okay but combined with the sweater and boots it all looks goofy.

2. Nothing seems to work together well. Gigantic wool sweater I'd expect in winter + big sunglasses in summer. Drawstring pants that look casual + reddit dress boots. It just looks impractical, I can't imagine where and when you would even wear this outfit.

3. The color palette just isn't there. Maybe if the pants were darker and the boots weren't that sickening shade of brown. Generally the whole brown/cream color scheme seems easy to fuck up and look lazily thrown together like it does here.

4. He is balding, looks 40+ and like he is hiding a lot of toddler fat and atrophied muscle underneath his clothes.

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>tl/dr: being white

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The better question is what is "right" about it?
>hint: nothing

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looks fine if you crop out his face desu

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No it fucking doesn't lol.

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how do i find sweaters like this

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thrift store retro section

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begging to be facefucked with that posture and expression also brown shoes

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his face isnt Chad's

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The colors are fine. But the turtleneck needs to go in the bin with the literal rose-tinted glasses. With regards to the lower half, pick one: The shoes or the pants. One deserves traditional trousers and the other makes more sense with sneakers.

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The only way this works if thats a pullover balaclava and he's about to rob a bank. Otherwise he's a hipster faggot

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trade the shitty shoes for Chelseas and actually fold the turtleneck how it's supposed to be instead of wearing a prolapsed ass

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Sweater is too skin-tight for his build, the colour is too pale and draws attention away from the face, the collar is way too wide, and it doesn't complement his build. Shirt not tucked in, the pants have those tracksuit strings used to tighten them, which seem out of place on pleated pants. The choice of clothing and the way he wears it looks like it was meant to look like that lax, defiant, 90s high school student style we see in movies (like a Hey Arnold! character), except that movie style didn't develop naturally, so any imitations of it look even more forced and weird.

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>Shit facial structure
>Hands in pockets
>Shiteating grin (What the fuck is he looking at?)
>Big ass turtleneck
>The fucking pants
>Shoes don't match

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The basedtard inside.

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