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What are some subtle normie-proof swastikas you can wear in public and not getting lynched?

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you are an embarrassment

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don't be a coward. go ahead and wear a swastika, so you can see what society thinks of you

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Gayest thread on the board.

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Black sun

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faggot thread.

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ignore the other fags
Celtic is good and not obvious to normie eyes
just wear a Dixie flag though and don't be a sperg

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I don't understand why you'd do this. Even if someone recognizes your symbols and agrees with it you probably wouldn't want to talk to them because they'd be unhinged, and not because of the nazi shit but simply because they also think there's no problem walking around with your ideology plastered on you as some kind of meek threat.

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I dont wanna hear it bud

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Swastikas are an ancient symbol of good luck and good energy.
I want to use it as my ancient ancestors did.
I don't care about nazis and jews

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hmm, I don't think anyone believes that, not even you lol

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Your ancient Hyperborean progenitors were not wearing screenprinted shit from teespring, numbnuts

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Despite anon's motivation is most likely being influenced by Third Reich revivalism, the swastika is one of the oldest symbols of mankind and you'd be a fool to doubt that it has power.
The swastika must be applied with great care, I agree. The last time I created a swastika was in dirt, but I did so with love and the whole night was blessed.
Are you gonna wear spirals too? You're nowhere near the level to wear the swastika. You didn't respond to the poster with the swastika tattoo, nor did you respond to my suggestion of a Celtic swastika. You are obviously not taking this seriously. You are one of the reasons this board is such shit--instead of discussing fashion, you're defending yourself to people who don't give a shit about you.

The swastika, according to one interpretation, is a flow of energy. The energy flows; it circles; it has eddies. It is continuous. I have a jacket with Greek swastikas (see left side of pic). You can accomplish much of the same work with another symbol.

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Kill yourself, a noose, full Rick, iron heart 3 sixty.

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>about Jews
>met God
>big nose

Kek, what a brand

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>Dude im edgy but too pussy to wear my ideology with pride. I cross the street and look at my feet when near blacks. I say hard R online though >:)

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I'm sorry to hear you're afraid of being lynched, Anon. May you instead be tried and lawfully executed for treason by a People's court.

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the celtic swastika is cool, thanks, not sure why would I wanted to reply to the tattoo guy

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So pretty my favourite is the untilted key version

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Fascism has failed every single time it has ever been tried

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lmao fucking pussy. you wanna wear your symbol without the repercussions, why even bother wearing it in the first place if you're not representing it properly. you're a little bitch and I hope someone recognizes your gay little quasi swastika and knocks your ass out. I can already see your pasty freckled face from here.

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there are at least a couple logos that portray a subtle swastika

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this one is a bit of a reach

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this one is extremely subtle because it requires you to know something about tarot lore, but the hanged man portrays the tau cross and the fylfot cross, which is a type of swastika

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Become the swastika

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on a somewhat related note, the spanish guardia civil (civil guard) police force's emblem includes a fasces. surplus items such as jackets and shirts can be found readily on ebay and probably other sites

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here is a guardia civil jacket with the fasces on the buttons

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this is tight, thanks anon

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Nothing lasts forever. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

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Lose weight, piggy

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Why would you give away the most based esoteric signal? Only true hyperborean Chad's know of the hanged man.

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that information is available on wikipedia right now

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>meanwhile in the successful non-fascist society;

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this is good but i would recommend limiting this symbol to jewelry, pendants and such

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is this too obvious?

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Man, I really want their 2 button shorts I saw here a while back, but can't find anyone who still has a pair.

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If you're not wearing the Nazi swastika this is a wasted exercise and you should delete your garbage thread. Stop being a coward and let yourself be punched into the concrete

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calm down tranny
btw you will never be a woman

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not really a swastika but it’s nazi themed

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Any more 4chan buzzwords, GPT4?

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>your descendant is now living in a free country, where they're free to be whoever they want to be and express themselves without the fear of a tyrannical government
>was it worth it?
>uhm yeah...that's why I fought a fucking world war

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The Lincoln Memorial has fasces on it too. Prior to WW2 it was just a symbol of the authority of the law.
In London there's swastikas everywhere. During the reign of Queen Victoria the UK nationalised India from the East India Company, and everything Indian was in vogue. There's literally millions of swastikas on old buildings, and some even get restored and modernised.
Picrel is Upminster Station. The swastika was installed when the station was constructed in the 1880s (top is from 1935) and bottom is from when it was restored with modern flooring a few years ago and the swastika was kept.

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Risky but the center is different from nazi style.

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Good point. There are also two fasces prominently displayed near the rostrum of the US House of Representatives. We also used to put one on the back of the dime.

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>uhm yeah...that's why I fought a fucking world war
>said no one who fought in the war
they fought to keep thier countries and way of life.a lot of them didn't have freedom back then, they didn't fight for freedom, they fought for britain, for france, for poland, for america. and now look what those countries have become. a shell of what they fought for.
dilate you fucking idiot.

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My WWII vet grandpa was against the Civil Rights act, leftists have a completely distorted view of what people born in the 1920's are like.

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The CRA was the Treaty of Versailles for American Whites. Every White who knows what it is opposed it. Nevertheless it persisted. Remember that next time someone tells you the system is White supremacy.

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I mean they literally needed to enforce it at gunpoint

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