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I found some dress shirts and tshirts made from viscose that feel like HEAVEN.

Are there any downsides to viscose, aside from the price?

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Synthetic fiber

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plastic will turn you into a woman

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It's made from wood dumb nigger

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>wood shirt
this isnt minecraft buddy

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Viscose is just a discount semi-synthetic silk equivalent.

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I think most of my sleeze shirts are viscose and they were all dirt cheap from the thrift shoppe.

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it's just regenerated celluse. if you buy lyocell, it's completely free from toxic chemicals. it contains no plasticizers, for example. it's different from other synthetic fibers in that it is "already done" by the time it gets extracted from the pulp, while synthetics are usually polymerized from smaller substances (monomers). as a result, those monomers as well as plasticizers can stay in the finished synthetic polymer and can have whatever negative effects.

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examples? good sites to buy from?

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There’s literally nothing wrong with synthetic clothing

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It's Rayon

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