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It’s all wool and about $2k

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If you're wealthy, sure why not
But to my eyes it's just a regular brown overcoat that you can get for 200-500 usd in other places at 100% wool

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It’s burgundy my friend

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yes, you dont need to pay 2k for burgundy
you can find similar in 200-500 range like anon said

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I have a nearly identical one I bought for 40 bucks at a flea market.
But you do you, new money

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The material enough isn't enough to warrant that price. I have a 100% wool coat from mango and it cost me 120€

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super nice raised pull print hoodie, which one to cop?
navy&pink font
black&white font

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puffy print*

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why would you buy a ladies coat, bro? it literally will fit like shit

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I checked the measurements and it'll fit me. Also, it's considered unisex.