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w2c shirt & necklaces

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One google search

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this is a fucking disaster
I blame it on /a/ gatekeeping their board only and forgetting about the rest of us
now we have a bunch of frogposters and wojackspammers who think they belong to this website

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Every board has its own responsibility to gatekeep filthy casuals and tourists.
Be the change you want to see anon.

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when did striped overknees become transsexual fashion? why do they only dress in a way biological women would never do?

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because they want too be cute prepubescent anime girls. and the "programming socks" as they like too call it are something that small children would usually wear so they also wear it.

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Their sense of fashion is based on porn. Those type of socks are common in "teen" porn videos. Same goes for stockings, bonus points if ripped for extra trashyness. They're coomer perverts taking a fetish too far.

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