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How do i stop this from happening to my pants?

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Button fly

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stop getting boners you pervert

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>wow anon why are you hard right now XD

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MtF transition

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Are you ftm by any chance? This is a common fear expressed by early transitioning female to male transsexuals because they are unaccustomed to the extra fabric in the front of the pants and oversensitive to being seen as rapey because they haven't yet come to terms with the fact that on some level male-presenting individuals will always appear to be threatening in a way that is outside of their lived experience up to that moment.

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>zipper - fly crotch bulge in chinos or deinim

why are u worrying ffs

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lol everyone look at anon's tiny boner!

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Nooo stop it haha

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Yeah you like that don't you, you little boner boy

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buy your actual size in pants

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happened to me once
>be me
>definitely an awkward kid
>8th grade
>gt separated from friends while everyone is being seated for assembly
>sitting between 3 girls who are all friends
>had a crush on one of them so im nervous
>one of them spots the pants thing and points while laughing
>her friends laugh too
>start to sweat
>”relax anon”
>”yea, why are you so tense?”
i dont even remember saying anything, to this day they probably think i had a boner

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Are you sure they were laughing at you? Every boy had boners in middle school.

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used to pop random bone all the time in middle school n high school, and remember rando girls girls' eyes in hallway checking it out n giggling, then me shifting binder n books over to cover bulge lol

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Top getting hard.

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yes, they had to because she pointed at it, said my name and asked why i was so tense. i didnt even have a boner, they just thought i did

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