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I’m a blue caller worker. Can someone explain to me why anybody would want to play dress-up as a fettuccine faggy dandy? Does it actually attract city women? This is an example of something I find really gay.

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>blue caller worker
i can tell

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1. Because it's fun

2. In cities, different kinds of people exist and mostly (not always) get along. Some women like this sort of thing, others don't. Sometimes, the people who do this might even be more interested in attracting men. The thing that's attractive about cities is you don't have to be one way to avoid getting attacked or ostracized. If you can try to internalize that, a lot of things that confuse you now will make a lot more sense

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Why are flyovers so paranoid about le gays. The guy in your pic looks based as fuck

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Rurals/uneducateds don't have a well developed sense of morality other than punishment/reward. It makes sense in their own frame of reference to rigidly follow superstitious rules from an ancient cult because if they don't believe in being punished by a supernatural ghost, rural society would completely break down and it would be cannibalism and cats and dogs living together and child rape... oh wait they're actually ok with the child rape already lol in fact they'll defend it to their dying breath while calling basic health care and school libraries "grooming".

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Tradie here, dressing nice does indeed pull the city women. No idea why you think dressing like a child or slob or both would do it, but I guess you fucks in the boonies wouldn't understand that since you just fuck your sister.

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So many words, so much faggotry

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>I’m a white collar worker. Can someone explain to me why anybody would want to play dress-up as a watermelon nigger gangsta? Does it actually attract city women? This is an example of something I find really gay.

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Gerardo is married with kids and one of the most relentlessly handsome guys I've ever seen. He's also italian, as in, born and raised.

>oh no he's wearing pink, he must be gay

Fuck off with your redneck logic

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TEll me you are a damaged homosexual (but implicitly)

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Keep dressing like a nigger from the ghetto, that's where you belong.

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>blue "caller" worker.

How's your sister-mother doing Cleetus?

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>basic health care and school libraries "grooming".
By “basic health care” do you mean puberty blockers for prepubescent children and gruesome sex change operations?

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>blue caller worker

Not everybody is a blue collard worker.
Dressing as shitty as you, with a Carharrt jacket and shit would be LARPing for me.

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>I’m a blue caller worker.
opinion discarded. nothing anyone says will matter to you because you are not capable of understanding

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why are flyovers so insecure? they see someone actually dress up nice and put some effort into their appearance and they lose their minds.
>"i-is that man not wearing shitty jeans and a stained work jacket? ahhhhh i'm losing my mind"
kill yourself tradegie

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all about face and manners but yes

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I like this jacket and pant combo but you need the right skin tone to pull it off

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I used to also be a common worker, but I became a doctor by my own merit. I like looking good and wearing nice clothes. I also get a good amount of women with them. Personal preference. Makes me feel good.

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his jacket matches his dogs penis

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He looks like a predatory homosexual fiend-ing for the next ass to get into

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Yes this is how well put-together us city men are, take note Cletus.

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why are americans so proud of dressing like shit?

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Can you even button that blazer?

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