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Give me a good reason not to cop these

>> No.17537679

they're likely expensive af and will get grimy pretty quickly unless you're super careful - that said, they'll be super comfy with a crepe sole so...

>> No.17537693

they dont look good :)

>> No.17537712

This plus Clarks are union busters. Will never give them my money

>> No.17537717

ronnie fag blocked me on instagram, even though i have never followed him, commented on his pictures or even liked one.

>> No.17537718

They're still the best high street shoe sellers

>> No.17538161

cause youre a bitch

>> No.17538170

uninspired kikes saturating the world with this shit

>> No.17538173

They look great but won't last.
Crepe soles go to shit within months.

>> No.17538325

Wow cool another adidas samba collab with minor fashion e-celebrity, this time in white with green stripes just like the last, WOAH I can see adidas really didn't need kanye at all :^)

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hi ronnie
how's life being a fat, cereal-brained kike?

>> No.17538367

I have shoes already thank you very much.

>> No.17538395

they did the same with 350s. cope

>> No.17538474

Yes but they at least released like one new silhouette per year

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