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Whats the best way to describe a wolfcut with bangs to your stylist?
I dont wanna Show a pic i have a feeling she would look a second on it and would freestyle on me

I have really really long curtains now that are Hanging down

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hes balding

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Tell him your testicles have recently been removed and you want to look like the most stereotypical tranny he can think of

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Just show a pic

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Layered cut and a fringe

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every good stylist usually stops you when you say "bangs", unless you have a daily meeting scheduled to arrange them for the day.

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wolf cut is the easiest shit in the world to do yourself, don't pay someone for it

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Bro i literally have no idea from haircutting and dont wanna fuck up myself

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This is a horrible look. Why would you want to look like this unless your goal is to never have sex?

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the kids always say this and come out with the most mid druggie dumbass faces because most dont take the time to actually learn layering or even use 2 mirrors set up to see the back

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>thinking your stylist wont know one of the trendiest hairstyles from the last few years
get a new fucking "stylist" if not

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are you saying you've never used a brush and some hairspray?

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are you the same person who's been making all the wolf cut threads

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Man someone help lmao

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How do i know if my hair would work with this style? I have long hair so length would not be a problem, but not sure i have enough volume.

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is this a new style?

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Just try it out if not add some volume powder

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