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This fashion style, like east asian sleazy gangster guy. What do I search to find more of this? What's it called? What characterises the style? Got any more pics?

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Watch any Hong Kong gangster film and you'll see everyone wearing it.

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Cringe, sleaze is out salaryman is IN

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Got any recs? Also what do I search for to find more like this and do you think it's as cool as I do?

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Cringe, microtrend advertising is out individual experience in IN

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Fallen Angels

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goodluck honestly. there's an old wikia though you can search for charts. they may be a chinese pulp genre somewhere. triad fashion and culture, i'd wager that southeast asian identifier of fa has to do with influences drawn from particular international dealings. he's got some Mediterranean going on

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black silk shirt, some nice black trousers and a thrifted 90s jacket

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Chinese triad fashion.Movies? Young and Dangerous movie series.

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