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Female /fa/shion Thread

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Based. I love sluts.

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Anyone recommend a sun protecting fashionable hat that's not a sunhat?

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>one thread for women's fashion
This board is backwards.

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the womenswear gods have abandoned us due to excessive brown skinned coom posting

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women dont browse this site

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There was a time when homosexual teenagers didn't either. ....actually that's not true.

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Not a lot of women here. We had a few tripfag women here back in the day but they're either dead (blah) or left this shithole (tripskank, mito, etc)

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I wish I could be a faggot

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/girltalk/ never die. those bitches are around here somewhere, probably hand in hand with the few 420's trickling about in drugfeel.

i prefer casual comfort fits on ladies, the classic tee slaps, but i like different stuff. idk. definitely mumus. holy fuck mumus.... the booty jiggle is unmatched in any fashion i've ever seen and it hides the legs - like space alien bitches from 2020 in 1920.

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Tripskank hung around for alot longer than most people, though I can't really imagine why. The quality of the board severely degraded and there were even fewer women than before.

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