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Who the fuck wears this to the Oscar what’s wrong with trannys

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I desperately wanna buttfuck him without condom, unleash my 3 month of nofap load into him.

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autogynephilia, they get off on the thought of being female, that's why they dress as stereotypically female as possible

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>those misshapen and lumpy fake tits
God has forsaken us, or if he hasn't he shan't put up with much more.

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Right? That's the deadly sin of every tranny not to keep they natural by hormone grown puffy perky nipples.

I totally believing in God. Thanks to trannies i realise that men is superior in every ober women. Men even make better women.

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When did 4chan start hating transfolk? Is this a /pol/ psyop?

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Right? That's the deadly sin of every tranny not to keep they natural by hormone grown puffy perky nipples.

I totally believe in God. Thanks to trannies i realise that men created by God as the superior being over women. Men even make better women.

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I still see a man with a poorly done tit job tho

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theyre literally wearing Ann Demeulemeester, this board has really gone down the shitter

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4chan has always been racist, homophobic, and transphobic, and that's why i love it. anyone who isn't all of those things is a newfag.

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Nothing wrong with trannies as long as they aren't ugly

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Yeah bro, use of the word tranny hasn't increased 1000%, 4chan has always spammed the term tranny since its inception

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imagine Ellen Page going to the oscars in a tuxedo with the sleeves ripped off so everyone can see her big veiny steroid biceps. That's what this tranny did.

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>be natural women
>be shitty at being feminine
>be shitty at trying to be a guy

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lol nice hexagon tits nigga

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Ik there wearing Ann you dumb nigger faggot but Ann would never make something like this it’s the fag creative director who’s cosplaying as a tranny too

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thats a tranny?

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lol she fell for the bucca fat removal

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lmfao at those low-poly tits, fucking ps2 lara croft looking bitch

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It's rooted in the Tumblr 4chan war, not sure if something is preceding that, and continued with gamer gate, Trump election and so on. In short, the Tumblr leftoids became trannys infecting and infiltrating everything.

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Which is also why the hacker known as 4chan hates reddit.

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Yes, did you think all trannies were burly balding men?

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Right? It's a deadly sin for trannies to do a tit job. Take hormones and grow out small puffy, large areola tits, that's everything you need. The larger the areolas the feminine, not the breastsize.
There's something magical with huge areolas and MtF get them mostly over natural women, due to artificial hormone altering.

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I saw a glimpse of it at work but couldn't zoom in so when I came home I went straight to /tv/ to see that boy tummy but couldn't find a single thread!

Good to see /fa/ steppin up

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burn it just burn ann's namesake house down

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This you notice with trannies they tend to wear very stereotypical sexcore women clothing eg lots of lingerie very revealing outfits not to say women don’t wear such things but trannies tend overdo it

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>but trannies tend overdo it

Because they fetishize the female "experience" and largely see it through a purely sexual lens.

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there was a brief pre-2014 period where tranny porn was popular all over 4chan, but the infiltration of 4chan by the usual FSB information warfare people around 2016 turned them into one of the themes to rope in simple minded poltards.

there’s actual data to support this and there’s a few graphs you can find that track the usage of certain terms on 4chan, one of them being tranny, and the massive spike around 2016. it peaked around 2020.

it doesn’t help that trannies on social media are unironically insane and basically live up to the caricatures that pol has made of them.

i have personally seen countless of fat balding dudes with 5 oclock shadows tweeting things like “feeling cute & sexy 2day” while wearing a dress and poorly applied makeup, looking like actual circus freaks. or teenage “trans” people who make it their personality and for whatever reason equate communism with transgenderism and act like you can’t be one without the other. very weird shit but they are 100% real.

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that’s Ann Demeulemeester retard u don’t know shit

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oh my god putin made me a transphonbic

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he looks like he would kill me in my sleep

also the fake breasts ruin it

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imagine titty fucking his tits.

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M8 stop acting like russia is the boogeyman they can barely fight a war let alone infiltrate a website lol

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They're exhibitionists.

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i remember that trap shit. i thought it was a joke at first. most people don't like trannies. They're off putting. No one wants to see them or be near them. It's disgusting. They won't say it because it's socially unacceptable, but it's true.

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It was mainly discord trannies that convinced young impressionable men to get “pink pilled” before then trap threads were 90% crossdressers with the odd troon here and there also stay the fuck away from anime

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This was pre discord though. It definitely mostly happened through discord. Seeing trans people is weird. It's like seeing someone in public pull down their pants and take a shit on the ground. It's gross. I'm pretty sure most people think it's weird.

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Some of them even pleasure themselves after forcing young boys to take estrogen pills. I don't understand what is it that they find so arousing.

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There's a bit of a difference between traps/shemale porn and leftist tranny cult. The forced SJW/woke shit made things political.

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unironic human aesthetic perfection

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looked at the charts and it only started around 2018. before was surprisingly supportive, especially during the moot days

most transphobia you see now is the result of boomer election tourists. Oldfags don't give a shit about it except for the tripfagging attention whoring

t. knower

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>before was surprisingly supportive, especially during the moot days
>t. knower
you don't know shit
it was disgust in every thread where someone posted a chick with a dick
t. "knower"

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>I'm pretty sure most people think it's weird.
I'm what you would call a normie/NPC in real life, and the stuff I hear from late and apolitical 20's & early 30 something soccer moms / friends of ours about trans people whenever the subject has come up is pretty telling for me.

They see them as weird, sideshow type people and absolutely under no circumstances do they consider them to be real women. None of them would be comfortable with letting them near their kids for example. And I'm located in one of the most "progressive" affluent subburbs in the entire East Coast.

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yeah sure kid. go tell yourself that

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>started around 2018
nah, like the other anon said, it was discussed under the auspices of "traps" long before 2018. but trannies def became a central theme of the 'globohomo' stuff pol became obsessed with in 2014-2016.

and i would say it was more of a degenerate fetishization of it than acceptance as a 3rd gender.

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congratulations, you passed the eye exam

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>there’s actual data to support this and there’s a few graphs you can find that track the usage of certain terms on 4chan, one of them being tranny, and the massive spike around 2016. it peaked around 2020.
Probably because trannies became mainstream around that time. Occam's razor, now we talk about them.

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>The larger the areolas the feminine, not the breastsize.
Large areolas on small lumpy chemical tits do not look feminine. They don't even look human.

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The Vanity Fair afterparty is not the Oscars.

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if you have an opinion on what people wear to award shows you aren't going to weather the coming storm

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can’t believe how well this pasta works across all boards

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retvrn to tradition

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I get so sad when i realize I'll never suck her girl cock, shes so cute

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Autogynephiles. Laughing at his botched autogynephile hexagonal plastic breast implants. Putrid. Sickening. Disgusting. Clown world.

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>stay away from anime
or integrate into their community, assert dominance and then lead others towards the manly hard working hero archetype. (they) hate the positive influencers.

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If they live up to the caricatures then it’s not a caricature, it’s just an accurate description.