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anyone wear trad effay?

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I do

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I have been looking for one of these in a more updated cut

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Nice insignia. What did you do to earn it?

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Bravery(sucked 7 dudes off)

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as an alpine european, of course i do.

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The Germanised Kimilsungist

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except that this style predates kim il sung or asian communist style in general.

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does this count?

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What is this garment?

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i got this jacket in the spirit of manchu jacket but the sleeves seem a bit long and it's length
did i get a wrong fit or is it supposed to be roomy like an old style blazer

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It's called a peacoat. That's a really fancy version of what sailors used to wear at sea.

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>file name

schladminger loden jacket

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Nothing. What's the schladminger with you?

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you have no idea of trachtenmode, that much is clear. do you think this comes in slim fit? those are made in the spirit of working clothes.
that's loden and has nothing to do with anything sailors ever wore.

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depends on who made it there is all kinds of variations of the tang coat
mine seems to be giving me a boxy look with small head that worries me the most

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He was number one.