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If you workout regularly (at least 2 years), eat right, and so you have a very good body, why wouldn’t you wear full on deano sexcore?
>easy to choose what to wear
>get literal mires from both men and women in the street
>friends and friends of friends like to touch you in public, therefore signifying you are a high status male
>clothes don’t stop fitting you, they only fit you better

My body hasn’t grown that much in the past few months, but since I stopped wearing cringe oversized meme clothes, people’s interest in me has shot up. Only keyboard warriors who don’t actually go outside and/or get laid mock the look

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It doesn't look comfy.

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It's what low-class people think high-class looks like

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You need to get below 12% body fat for the abs shirt. When you workout like a freak, fast food is a great tool to keep the weight up.

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Only br*tish people dress this style, enough said?

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What’s wrong with that? Are you posh or something?
I think British men are hot
12% bf and fast food doesn’t work unless you’re roiding

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If it works for you just do it. Personally when i dressed with tight clothes I mostly got compliments from gay men, didn't give me much attention from women at all
Braindead take, nobody dresses sex core because they think that's what rich people do

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Dressing like that won't get attention from the kind of people who's attention or admiration I'd want in the first place.

Also barely anyone I know likes or understands fashion. I dress like a moron just for the self satisfaction.

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I dress like the first guy from first to last.

Am I a tool? I lift but I'm a manlet.

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I started going to the gym a couple years ago and I felt the same way, I always wore long fit shirts and skinny jeans but when I started getting fit and filled out the clothing the same outfits look way better.

>fast food is a great tool
Jesus Christ this whole board is full of fags and retards.

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t. low class

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Can I pull off Sexcore? Me on the right. I wanna try new styles.

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are you ftm

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Deep down you know what you really are, and what you will never actually be.

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if you start to get some real shoulders and chest you are basically restricted to those kind of clothing, i look fat and retarded in loose clothes right now, and i loved my balenciaga oversized shit. i pray that overly cropped man tops will start to get acceptable so i can sport oversized sweats and hoodies without hiding my tiny waist

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Post sexxcore essentials

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Peak sexcore fit:
>Black denim jacket
>Black spray on jeans
>White Designer T shirt (Palm Angels, Gucci, Versace, Balenciaga etc)
>White Converse or AF1s
>Silver Chain

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pretty much nailed it, would also add any fresh air max and that dsquared2 icon cap, uk clubs are rammed with people dressed like this

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jesus fuck what an abomination

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You took time to go to the gym for 2 years, eat well enough and you choose to wear that. You could literally wear any fucking male protagonist fit and you choose to wear pants that look too tight on you and a shirt that comes off at any moment. Showing your muscles subtly through form fitting long sleeves and jackets is always just better, the reveal to other people that yeah you got fucking muscles and don't brag about it.

That said if it's your method to get pussy at your cal bar with that fit, I will concede it'll happen with some dumb slut.

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and preferably ripped all the way up and down.

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i literally dress like this

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nah, you need to replace the denim jacket with a leather one and the shoes with either black oldskool vans or white mcqueens

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Male protagonist fit?

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would shia-core be a more rugged alternative?

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wonder how these people talk
some kinda wigger dialect

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>aka just working out and wearing fitted clothes
Holy shit what a statement
When you’re fit literally anything can look good on you