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How do i cut my hair like this?
What is it called?

>> No.17482806

Bangs? A fringe?

>> No.17483051

its called Not cutting your hair. do not get a haircut and your hair will do this naturally

>> No.17483053

Whats up with zoomer men wanting to look like trannies?

>> No.17483063

this is the second shitty haircut thread ive seen today like dude this kid probably doesnt hasnt gotten a haircut in months and just woke up and took this picture its not a real hairstyle per se

>> No.17483135

How do I find a cute BF like this? I'm attractive but finding a cute bf is so difficult.

>> No.17483198

he just used a flat iron are u guys really that detached of common things

>> No.17483230

is it just me or is that forehead fucking huge

>> No.17483302

Im asking how he cut it

>> No.17483321

Obnoxious, sexual predator that preys on 12 year old white girls exposed to tumblr, suicide and porn. Every single guy that looks like this is a pedophile

>> No.17483354

Where did this only 12 years old like it meme come from? I look like this and women of all ages want me in them.

>> No.17483405

I want to be in you

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What is this fag shit

>> No.17483486

You mean you have the same haircut or just look young like OP pic

>> No.17483682

Curtains or heavy bangs

>> No.17483711

guess i'm cutting my hair like this then

>> No.17485049

Just a bowl cut

>> No.17485578

low testosterone

>> No.17486587

otaku or kpoper girls love this kind of faggotry

>> No.17486805

the faggot cut

>> No.17487393

just get normal trendy peaky blinders shit haircut from normal hairdresser, then shave sides after a month or two, then wait a few months more
t. was close to this and im pretty sure its how it originated

>> No.17487410

Looks like a grown out bowl cut with thick but fine hair.

>> No.17487491

I look young like OP. I actually have even longer hair than OP.

>> No.17487559

Give me your info so I can take you out

>> No.17487572

I'm straight and have a gf, sorry anon.

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Stop being a shy coward and take what you want

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