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I'm looking for a mix between terrorcore and sleaze core

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That guy has 'I'm CIA' written all over him.

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Get personality instead of combining two terminally online dated trends

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Film but the costumes are accurate.

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The chud whose chimp out started ten years of total chaos lmfao.

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Anon how far do you agree with Trotsky's critique of Lenin?

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Now this is terrorsleaze

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essential starter kit for solitary confinement

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dylann roof if he wasnt racist

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Pure cope+LARP ITT.
Killing is neither fun not glorious.

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No Ivan this doesn't inspire terrorism.

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What you’re thinking of is just 1990’s slavcore. Get black wool dress pants, black turtle neck or white roll neck, leather jacket ir track suit. As for shoes idk either classic combat boots, Chelsea boots or some kind of low-key looking dress shoes or old trainers.

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Just check out the mobiks of the current Russian ‘’army’’’

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Is this the guy who's brain was harvested by the German government and then it vanished from their inventory?

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it's turtlenecks as far as the eye can see.

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Is there any way to make a shemagh work if I'm not in the taliban, and I'm not a special forces badass? I feel like it'll just be too larpy.

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then dont use camo/desert camo colors

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think blue could work?

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are those G3s? The guns

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HK33, same platform G3/mp5. Just the 5.56 member of their roller-delayed family.

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*platform as*

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Andreas Baader idk what happen to brain

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