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Are adidas sambas the hottest shoe right now?
What shoe do you reckon will be the next "big" thing?

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People obsessed with shoes are fucking weird

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I've been wearing sambas for 15 years. How the fuck are they trendy now?

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I prefer gazelles to sambas

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Gazelles are the lowest fucking tier of entry level GR adidas. Such shit taste.

Those are superstars in pic.

Trainspotting, instgram comfy core and because there slimmer than the Superstar and Campus.

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This colorway of samba cringe or nah? Don't really like the white or black versions but this caught my eye

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The only adidas that matter…d2m2ky

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Ugly as fuck color my nigga holy shit. Just get black or white. Wtf are you going to wear that shit brown with hahahah

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bitch ass nigga, just dont get brown

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Love this so much! <3

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Imma cop the brown ones

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This fit would be kino if not for all the jewelry

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"I feel sorry for your mother." - Korean 7/11 Owner

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someone saved my mickeyrourke.jpg

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Those are superstars.

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Goes better with khakis and grey chinos. Can also wear with blue chinos. In fact, black shoes basically force you to wear black or grey pants.

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adidas are a insanely narrow shoe, legit 0/10 feet destroying shoes

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Go wear your nike clown shoes then

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Not the guy you replying to. But I'm buying these to make you seethe. Black and White is so fucking boring and common

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nikes are narrow too

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Actual answer from someone not psy-opsed who had them ages ago:

Adidas released a vegan version, and to drive sales and normalise vegan sneakers they
>Handed them out to tiktok normies to wear and advertise to gullible teenagers
>Paid those "aesthetic" instagram pages to post pics of celebrities wearing them in the 90s, to advertise to gullible teenagers that are a bit older and think they're different or unique
>Paid GQ, Vice, and Vogue to all of a sudden start writing about it all at once to advertise it to young adults and millennials, who think it's "more sophisticated and sleek" than the last shoe they were told to wear, probably nike AF1's or their "timeless" common projects respectively.

The next big thing will be whatever people are told it will be.

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P.s. the adidas gucci collection was an unmemorable flop and 99% of normies don't know who Wales Boner is, so I'm not going to listen to Klaus in Bavaria probably about to reply "aber das kool kollabs hat ausgekommen und it trickled döwn to ze masses!!

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As dunks are dying its: sambas, handball spezials, new balance and Jordan 4s. Salomons are big too

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it wasn't a flop ya dingus. tik tok and celebs wearing gucci and sambas are the reason why they're in. wales bonner sold out instantly

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Normies have been wanting to wear gucci shit for the past forever, and wales bonner "sells out" because they last did a collection in SS22, and for the record I can still find a decent amount of it in stock on some sites, drastically reduced.

The only thing consistently sold out is the sambas, and again, that's down to people being pushed towards wanting that shoe, not any deeper appreciation or even knowledge of Wales Bonner as a brand/designer outside of that. 2022/3's CDG play converse.

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Well, shit I actually own two pairs (black and white), real leather, though. Perhaps I should stop wearing them. Maybe resell them if they go up in price.

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>adidas sambas
>next big thing
good golly, this y2k revival bullshit is going to make me pop an artery.

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>real leather
Ummm yikes sweetie

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>here are 8 out of a billion links, articles, videos and social media posts on the internet about a classic sneaker
>here is a graph that represents how often a trend is searched
Whoever made that image is fucking retarded. Given that zoomers are constantly rediscovering things that previous generation knows about already, to post generic "here is a bunch of sneakers you already know about" as evidence of anything is laughable at best.

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Also the breakingnews website seems to copy other websites articles, IDK about the whomstdvewear one though.

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>fact, black shoes basically force you to wear black or grey pants.
What a fkn dumb cunt, nah nigga. You trippin. Black shoes go well with khackis ese!

Lol I ain't seething ese, have fun with those ugly brown shoes though my nigga god dayum ahahaha

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Ok retard should I copy paste the entirety of fucking google results or hack into some advertising companies email address to find them contacting all paid influencers? And the google trends thing is a really fucking clear way of visualising somethings popularity without hiring a market research group, if I had just said "well they're more popular over the past 5 years" without anything to back it up that'd just be conjecture based on vague personal experience.

Daniel Semens uploaded a vid of the same fucking Wales Boner sambas within the last hour btw so I fail to see how you can consider this shit natural if that closet case shill is promoting them.

Do you even use social media? Zoomers are constantly "rediscovering" things, sure, but they're not doing it naturally is my point retard. The pyramid scheme of trends these days trickles down through paid promoters > lesser paid promoters > hangers on > the masses. You think all these microtrends that are NEVER attached to any subculture just happen naturally? How? Trends only exist either as originating from subculture, or from clever marketing, and considering zoomers are fucking devoid of culture these days and imagine 1980s films through AI generated shit on twitter rather than actually watch a fucking 1980s film, I think it's clear the reason everyone who only developed consciousness in the past few years likes the same thing all of a sudden.

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Yeah people are npcs
In other news, the sky is blue

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this i ditched my 10 year old Sambas 2 years ago after i finally started working

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If by "now" you mean 2015

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Its all over tiktok/instagram

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Am I going crazy? I remember Sambas being very popular a few years ago. They reached the same level as dunks.

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They were popular here, I know that because I bought mine in 2017 after anons recommended them. I don't know how popular they were with the general public though, I have only started to notice other people wearing sambas in the latter half of 2022.

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I stopped wearing sambas 10 years ago as the quality declined heavily.
They've never been trendy here in Germany anyways but just generally popular. Just shoes boomers already wore in the 60s. They always have been much more popular with working class and related groups like football fans though.

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Its just americans discovering them really
People in Europw have been wearing them since forever

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>GQ, Vice, and Vogue

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Nope nope nope.
Adidas Samba and Superstar, those shoes will degrade and start breaking. The soles will have pieces missing overtime. Adidas isn't the company it used to be. Garbage but great design.

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>use things
>they wear and tear
no way!

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I am once again asking about the samba with the big tongue
better/worse than the short tongue? does it feel uncomfortable?

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That fit reminds me of a half-retarded prisoner I used to look after. I was told he hadn't always been brain-dead but had instead fried his brain on multiple years of binging drugs.
Some of the things he did:
>Asked for allergy medication on the regular (he had no allergies)
>Get constantly ripped off by the other prisoners. He once paid over 2k for a steel chain (He thought it was silver)
>Thought everyone was stealing his laundry
>Make arts-n-craft style volcanoes with tp and coffee grounds
>Spend hours dancing in the kitchen while making the most stomach churning vile meals imaginable
>Spend hours doing the dishes
>Hoard kitchen appliances and old milk in his cell
>He couldn't tell the time and always missed out on recess with the other prisoners. We used to remind him 20 mins prior but he would take so much time getting ready (looking like OP's pic) he would usually miss recess anyways.

I miss that little retard.

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it is indeed better
he sounds based

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why is fa 6 months late to trends

>> No.17464606

What trend

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>Vegan Leather
I never understood this meme. Zoomers claim plastic is the devil (which it is), but then go crazy for this cheap Plastic Faux Leather stuff that falls apart after a year just because it's >le vegan.

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I don't even notice the long tongue. I do wish the blue label on the tongue was more affordable though.
I'm a cheap fuck and I refuse to spend half the cost of the shoe just for a little synthetic ribbon stitched on the front.

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