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Post some shit you like from other cultures.
Personally love the pakol.

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I like it too. Can white people pull it off?

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Afghanis are white.

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Greek rapebabies

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Theyre not white and the greek rapebaby thing is a myth too, SOME iranians are partly descended from the same steppe people that moved west into europe

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It helps to have darker features. Just don't look like a creature of onions and it'll look fine.
They're also incredibly warm. I own two for when winter hits.

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I do have darker features, so I'm guessing I'm fine there. What style clothes do you wear with it?

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Don't wear anything that looks too synthetic if the hat is wool. It tends to kinda clash. Besides that wear whatever you want anon.
I'll put together a fit tomorrow with my pakol if I'm feeling up to it.

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I try to stay away from synthetics as much as possible, so I should be fine. Thanks

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I want to steal this guy's fit. Any idea where I can get that scarf thing?

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these polish lithuanian/ukrainian cossack hats. theyre called kolpeks

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I like berets, but I feel like you can't pull them off unless you are a woman, incredibly french, or an oldfag.

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I unironically like kilts.

Also, generally a LOT of "foreign" headwear.

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Literally this

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Janker a type of coat from the Alps.

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idek what this things called but it looks wicked when people wear them with boots or airmax

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as an iranian I will not stand as a cope for any white person to prove their purity.
we aren't white, we never were.
over there we consider ourselves white, but we also consider indians white, its not a party pass there like it is here

the only proof of your point is shown to be through ethnolinguistics, no genetic proof.
the only aryans in the world are persians, some armenians, and some turks.
Zéndé Bād to my antiracist friends.

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It's from Pakistan dumbass

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i've seen this picture so many times but that is such a sick fit.

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steel toe tabis

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This entire outfit is insanely cool.

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These afghan niggas just too effay

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Always loved these robes

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Holy shit that’s awesome

90% of the fit is that he’s good looking though

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is that whistlindiesel?

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looks similar to the buttoned tang coat or jodhpur coat

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that's a sick shoe mod

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based and zenpilled

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based Ahmad Shah Massoud

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Turkish oil wrestling shorts

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Wear the macedonian ancestor of this hat

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I love Chokha coats

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casio watches dont save every fit

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you know, there arent all that many circissians on the internet...

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