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So I have a death metal aesthetic 90% of the time and it turns out I need eyeglasses. What style should I go for that won't look totally out of place with my aesthetic?

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>I have a death metal aesthetic
Grow up

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Put some skulls and nordic runes on the glasses, simple as

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good old avi's

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Mate of mine still kept his metal aesthetic, got pretty much the same glasses you posted, shaved everything but his moustache and long hair and went for that 70s heavy metal style. Looks pretty good, really, despite me not being a fan of the metal aesthetic in general.

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Those glasses only look good on masculine faces. Considering you're into death metal you're probably somewhat of a twink type, and if you have a baby face you'll just end up looking like a pedo.

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all deathmetal heads are huge nerds so just square rimmed glasses fit the look
also small oval ones

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Oh god, anything to keep up with the aesthetic!

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